Ascent Transformation Series Report

The Ascent Transformation Series in association with IFIM Business School was held on 21st June 2015 in the IFIM auditorium. The panel discussion was monitored by Viren Naidu, National Editor for Times Ascent. The event had 3 discussions chaired by eminent personalities from the corporate world. The topics were:

  1. Challenges of skilling in the new economy focus
  2. HR: The new marketing manager
  3. The new financial year: What’s new on the HR manager’s agenda?

Panel 1: Challenges of skilling in the new economy focus

Panelist were,

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Mr. Ravi Vishwanath Team Lease CFO
Mr. Prmod Mahatme Wipro Consumer care VP HR
Mr. Natarajan Chandrakumar Karle Group VP HR
Dr. Gunjan Mohan Sharma IFIM Business School Associate Professor


The panelist talked about the industry-academia gap during this session. The amount of skilled candidates from the institutions who get hired through campus placement may not be industry ready in the true sense. In such

cases the panel discussed about the alignment that is important between the students, institutes and employers. They also emphasized about requirement cvs pharmacy corporate office of skills universities where in there is an amalgamation of classroom, employee exchange and apprentice program which are the key drivers for skill. These can change the skill dynamics of the country.

Panel 2: HR- The new marketing manager

Panelists were,

Mr. D.P Singh IBM Head of HR
Mr. Ashish Tanwar DELL University Relations Manager-India
Ms. Shefali Mohapatra ACTTV Group Head-Human Resource
Mr. Edwin Moses Oracle Senior VP
Prof. Rahul Chowdhury IFIM Business School Associate Professor


The panel discussed about Employment Branding and how the employer branding proposition is used as a recruitment marketing tool. They stressed on the fact that organization needs to be advertised to reach out to prospective employees and the current employees gives the“branding” to the organization. Job sites have review sections where past employees post. beta blockers interaction with Employment experience needs to be taken care of as they don’t want disgruntled employees who could hinder the marketing for the HR department. The HR department should not promise to deceive. Business HR helps create the brand in the first place and they should know the business in and out. They are responsible to unleash the human spirit for innovation.

Panel 3: The new financial year: What’s new on the HR manager’s agenda?

Mr. Dinesh HP-India VP L&D
Mr. Prmod Mahatme Wipro Consumer care VP HR
Col. Rajesh Jasial Get Ahead Education Limited

COOMr. Satish KalraIFIM Business SchoolDean-Planning & Development


The discussion was on the role played by HR in making decisions about budgets and preparing an employee friendly plan for 2015-16. The HR must seek to understand the business and then ask for budget related matters. They should get into the business language, identify risk and risk management. They should ultimately try to be in the shoes of the CEO to influence the budget of an organization. The panelist supported the notion of HR getting involved in the budgetary decisions of the organization. This will resist any kind of employee reaction which could adversely affect the company. The panelist concluded by saying,” Every penny spend on human resource has given ten folds”.



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