At IFIM Law College, Students Interact With Reputed Personalities From The Legal Fraternity To Augment Learning

IFIM Law College is affiliated to the Karnataka State Law University (KSLU) and is approved by the Bar Council of India. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, an active Moot Court society and digital learning resources to our students.

At IFIM Law College, we also provide a platform for our students to interact with famous legal luminaries, lawyers and judges. We firmly believe that these networking and open-house sessions provide lucrative internship and placement opportunities for students later on.

The Moot Court Inauguration

Justice Shivaraj Patil, former Judge at the Supreme Court of India inaugurated the India’s first high- tech Digital Moot Court Hall at IFIM Law College. During the interaction with the students, he commented,

“It is important for law students to develop a habit of preparing and arguing in front of judges. The gap in the industry with regard to the needs of the industry will be bridged through practice while also encouraging them to gain confidence before stepping into the industry.”

Justice Shivaraj Patil inaugurates the Digital Moot Court Hall at IFIM Law College

Interaction with Tanuj Kalia

Tanuj Kalia, founder of Lawoctopus, had an interactive session with our students. Lawoctopus is one of the best and widely used legal websites in the country today.

During the session he told our students that “the focus should not only be on just one area of the legal profession but to consider all the dimensions of law, starting from an NGO to a District High Court/Supreme Court”.

Interaction with Ms. Lori Reynolds from Peking University, China

Ms. Lori Reynolds from Peking University, held a session for our students about the aspects of Transnational Law. She also spoke about new and emerging subjects in the international law curriculum like Transnational Energy Law, Policy Client-Lawyer Interactions, Global Corporate Compliance and Transnational Intellectual Property.

Ms. Lori Reynolds interacts with students

Our students also had various interactive sessions with famous corporate professionals like Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney, the Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Wipro Ltd. and Dr. Vishnu Prasad, the Assistant Professor of National Law School of India.

Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Wipro Ltd.

At IFIM Law College, we believe in providing holistic education to our students with a global perspective. Our vision is to nurture socially responsible and continuously employable professionals. These extensive interactions for our students with people from the legal fraternity help them explore career opportunities in law.