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Wondering Which Undergrad College To Apply To? Five Things To Bear In Mind!

Now that high school has come to an end, the next question on every graduate’s mind is ‘Where next?’. Deciding on which course to opt for in which college can be a bothersome process, but crucial to address. It is important to spend some quality time to evaluate the different criteria that would suit your needs to reach the dream that you want to achieve. While there are many factors to keep in mind, the five critical points below will serve as a guide to drive this decision. 1. Accreditation Earning Read more [...]


Do you know why accent neutralization is important: Accent neutralization is important as it facilitates in reaching out to a global audience and also in connecting with people irrespective of their regional accent. It improves communication by eliminating one of the major barriers in linguistic communication.   A workshop on the topic Accent Neutralization was conducted in the premises of IFIM College as per the MOU with Deccan Herald by the Journalism Dept.. BA & BBA students who Read more [...]

Short Film Making & Production Techniques Workshop

Think Ink Club Presents: Short Film Making & Production Techniques Workshop On 2nd and 3rd of February, 2017, a FILM making certificate course was organized by the ‘Think Ink’ Club of BA (JEP) Department. The two-day extensive training about the ‘detailed process’ involved in making short film was being conducted  by Mr. Biju Mathew of Invati Productions Pvt. Ltd. At the outset of the training, a welcome speech was delivered by Subhashree Pattanayak of II Year, BA (JEP). Victoria Read more [...]

Brand Bangalore 2 : Kanyathon Flashmob by IFIM Students

Students of IFIM group of Institutions organized a Flash mob and Skit at Burger King and Concorde Manhattans and various Apartments in Electronic City on 18th and 19th Feb as part of the awareness and promotional campaign of Kanyathon 2017, the annual 5k and 10k run, an initiative by the students of the institute. At Concorde, the residents were impressed by the powerful social message conveyed through the skit. The people were keen to know about the event. The response was overwhelming as the Read more [...]

Women Entrepreneurs : Breaking Glass ceiling and Creating new pathways

Research has shown that there is bi-directional relationship between women empowerment and economic development. Eminent Economist, Prof. Amartya Sen pointed out that development can be affected if there is continuous discrimination against women. Policy makers and social scientists all over the world are working on this fascinating topic and trying to find out the relationship between the two. One way to achieve women empowerment is through entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs can be equally Read more [...]

The importance of being earnest

While I paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s “Trivial Comedy for Serious People”, the intention of this blog is to unveil the parody that education of today has become. It is high time we put an end to the farcical routine that passes for receiving and delivering education.  Ask any student what he thinks he is doing at his school – and there is little chance he would have half a rational answer to justify his time and effort at the campus. Ask any school what it does, and they would say they prepare Read more [...]

A Journey on the wheels of experiences from school to college

Its pretty obvious for a person to get depressed on the very first week of college. Settling down to a different level and different environment is quiet difficult . “Bangalore” .. this is the city where I came for my college, my further studies and to make my future. The first week of my college, I was terrified to go to the college as I was new and also feared my seniors. My parents kept on telling no need to worry , stay calm. But my mind was restless . The very first day the college had put Read more [...]

“NAMAN 2014”

Thursday, 9th October 2014 - On 9th IFIM B School organized a fest named as ‘NAMAN’. The fest has been sponsored by PEPSI, RED FM 93.5, NEWS 9, FORUM MALL, REX-BRIGADE ROAD, DALAL STREET, WILDLIFE SOS, MBA CLUB INDIA, V.B PADODE CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABILITY. Best Manager was the name of the event. There were 6 participants in total. The theme of the event is ‘GOD FATHER’. An introduction was given to the same theme. An aptitude test was conducted which included general knowledge, current affairs Read more [...]


BENGALURU- On 11th August 2015, the 2014- 2016 batch of IFIM B SCHOOL organized a farewell party for the senior batch of PGDM & MBA. The venue was held at CROWNE PLAZA a five star hotel in Bengaluru. The theme of the party was Demons and Angels, the demons were the 2014-16 batch whereas the angels were the 2013-15 batch. Approximately around 160 students were expected at the venue. The college had invested a lump-sum amount of one lakh eighty thousand to make the event a successful one. The Read more [...]


REPORT- 20 FEBRUARY 2015 FOUNDER’S DAY 20 YEARS OF TRANSFORMATION 20 February, IFIM B School :- On 20th February 2015 IFIM B School completed 20 years of transformation and the founder’s day was celebrated in a magnificient way. The function begun at 4:15 pm in the evening with the IFIM B School’s Director Dr.Madhumita Chatterjee’s welcome speech ,addressing the gathering. She introduced, Sahil the disciple of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who mesmerized everyone by his devotional satsang songs. Read more [...]