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An orientation program is an introductory stage in the process of new student assimilation, and a part of his or her continuous socialization process in the college. IFIM business school completing its 20 successful years as one of the top b-schools in India has opened its doors to the 21st batch of PGDM. The orientation took place on 8th July 2015 at IFIM b-school, the program was filled with expressions of wisdom, all the new students where liberal with the words of experienced dignitaries. The Read more [...]


The valedictory function for the batch of army men who earnestly served the country took place in the IFIM BUSINES SCHOOL CAMPUS. The five gentlemen: LT Col. Bhagirath Singh Chauhan, Col.Vasudevan, Col. Vinayak Bhat, GP Capt. R Venkatamanan and Col. R.R Katyal were handed their certificates after successfully completing the DGR-CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT. The six weeks course covered topics like fundamentals of retail management, retail supply chain and operations management, E-Tailing, Read more [...]


When the city was waking up on a cool Sunday morning, three out of ten in our group were ready to backpack across the town to find movie theatres as a part of the Personality Enhancement Programme(PEP). The objectives were threefold, first to find as many movie theatres as possible and click a groupie with the theatre behind us, secondly to spend the least amount of money within the given time frame and lastly a presentation of the journey. From boarding running buses to bumping into strangers, Read more [...]

Making renting in and renting out dead simple

One of the greatest problems faced by people especially corporate in a city like Bangalore is finding an apartment. An apartment which is in a particular location such that commuting to work can be easy. Spending brokerage fee for the apartment which you are not satisfied with can be unacceptable. This is where Kailash Sathi and his co founder friends of Zenify come in. Their mantra is to make renting in generic name and renting out of an apartment easy. It should be as easy generic  as booking Read more [...]


Mama’s boy is one of the sweetest and the proudest words that someone could refer you to. You roll into your mother’s arms and there is no safer place than your mother’s arms. The caress on your forehead, the spoon feeding and the soft pat on your shoulder are all the closest you could get to heaven. There is no love as visible or as intrinsic as mother’s love. And there is a silent and a more masculine person who sits on the sideline. He observes the warmth between his wife and son. The Read more [...]


A guest lecture was conducted at the auditorium on 13th November 2014 for the PGDM batch of 2014-16 by Santhosh Krishna, HR director at 24[7] Innovation Labs. Mr. Krishna has 14 years of corporate experience wherein he worked with WIPRO, MICROSOFT, AOL. He has been working for the past 3 years for the global business wing at 24[7] Innovation labs. He talked about the 2 dimensions to emotional intelligence (EI). Who am i? – How well I understand Who are others? – How well I understand others. Knowing Read more [...]

Ascent Transformational Series

The second installment of the Ascent Transformational Series was held at IFIM Business School on Saturday, 20th December 2014, Bangalore. The event included three panels consisting of distinguished and accomplished professionals and academicians so as to bring academia and corporates on a single platform. The topics discussed included 1) Workplace 2020 2)The Diversity Dividend 3) The Talent Ceiling Workplace 2020 Workplace 2020 was a panel discussion that threw light on the workplace of the Read more [...]

Visit Kerala…

It’s time for a break. This 42 second ad captures the essence of today’s world where individuals are so busy that they couldn’t find time for themselves. As the titled suggests it strikes a chord with the audience immediately and passes a really simple idea in a very effective way. This ad is made by an agency named STARK which actually does a lot of work on Kerala tourism. Beautifully capturing the scenery and the importance of taking some time to think about ourselves. Source and ad link: Read more [...]

Immelman Turn or the Business quiz was the highlight of NAMAN 2015. The stakes were high as the business quiz had the highest prize money among all the events.15 teams across various institutions battled it life out for two days to  own the tag of champions. The teams were made to go through 6 interesting rounds of quizzing in which they were tested on their speed, observation, hearing and lateral thinking among all. The main objective was to take them an a ride which goes through all kinds of Read more [...]

Report on Walkathon

Date – 27th September, 2015 Venue – Kumaraswamy Layout In association with – Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore.      On account of World Heart Day, the Sagar Hospitals , Banglore had organized a Walkathon on Sunday, the 27th September, 2015. Around 300 people from all walks of life participated in the walk which was for 3.5 kms. The NSS Unit of our college was invited to assist the event as volunteers. Our group was divided into two teams. One was with the people who were walking and Read more [...]