Career Options After Completing A Masters In Commerce (M. Com.)

A post graduate degree in Commerce comprises a specialization in accounting, management and economics related subjects. The course lays emphasis on various disciplines such as accounting, business management, human resource management, economic, finance, marketing or supply chain management.  The field of finance too opens up many doors for a career post M. Com.

Organisations look to hire experts in the field of Marketing and a Masters degree in Commerce enables a gateway to a fruitful career.

Other sectors where an M. Com graduate can seek jobs include:


Banking and finance

Electronic marketing

Funds management

Management consulting

Stock Broking



In addition to career prospects within the private sector, there is large scope in the Government sector too. UPSC is a major recruiter of post-graduate commerce students.

If one is not looking to pursue a career yet, the option of studying further is always open such as a Doctorate degree. For example, a doctorate degree in Philosophy includes majors such as financial studies, statistics and so on.

We can thus say that a post graduate degree in Commerce opens avenues not only in further studies but also within the private and public sector.