Something was different at IFIM on the 5th of August . The suave gentlemen and ladies of IFIM were replaced by men and women representing their respective ethnic culture. On one hand, where the men understood that a 2×4 cloth around their waist is not a matter of joke, on the other the ladies realised that walking 2 inches above the ground could never get easy. All this could lead to only one possible conclusion that “Ethinic day” was being celebrated at IFIM.

Ethnicity is not just about religion it is also about language, culture, ancestry, homeland and history. And in a country like ours we have no dearth of that. So when the ethnic culture of our country got projected on the college campus, it resulted in an array of colourful outfits that brightened up the place. An ethnic day is incomplete without some entertainment, so the PGDM batch of 2015-17 took on the responsibility of entertaining the faculty and the PGDM batch of 2014-16 with a talent show. The performances were as diverse as the ethnicity. With a jam packed auditorium the program kicked off with a song by vocalist Royden Dias and Shishir Moodbidri. This was then followed by a poem by Pallavi Srivastava, a song by Sharukh Hasan, shayari by Nitesh and a song by Vidhi Sharma and Jathin. Then came the group performances which kept the audience at the edge of their seat. A comedy act by Prashant and team and Mad Ads by Avinash and team had the audience rolling with laughter. An electrifying performance by Varun and his team put the stage on fire. But the best was for saved for the end. A fashion show by the batch of PGDM 2015-17 got the stage flaming again. With the latest trending clothes and a black theme the fashion show went on to be the show stopper of the evening. Mr. Md Rizwan and Ms Kanika Jhala were awarded the “Best dressed man” and the “Best dressed lady” respectively.



PGDM 2015-17 BATCH