Guest Lecture By Mr. Atanu Dey

“Indian constitution needs modifications”, was a statement made by Atanu Dey while giving a guest lecture in IFIM. Atanu Dey is a brilliant economist and a practical thinking writer. He was called to IFIM to address the students on the 8th of April. UG students were also present for the event.

On the day Atanu Dey shared some new and innovative ideas with the students. He made the students as well as the faculty think why India is not a developed country yet. What are the main reasons for this, and what we are doing as citizens of a democracy and what freedom does the constitution provide. He made us think about things we never thought or never wanted to think about. He came up with facts such as, only a few people have ever read the whole constitution and that people are not aware of the constitution itself. He gave many examples like,  the US constitution which is hardly of four pages and anyone can easily read and understand, unlike the constitution of India which is a very lengthy epic.

He asked the students to think like an android phone and not like a basic phone. He told students that we are now having every appliance to make our work easy then why dont we modify our thoughts according to time as well.

Atanu Dey is the author of a very critical thinking book called Transforming India. In this book he explains each and every aspect of India. Indian democracy, politics as well as the citizens of India. The book can easily inspire any one to think in a different manner and create innovative ideas.


An Article By:

Sushila Gadi

PGDM 13-15 Batch

IFIM Business School