GUEST LECTURE BY Raj Kamal B (Head HR. AdityaBrila Minacs)

“Everybody successful person

Everybody wants to be successful. The desire to be successful is inherent and no matter who we are or where we come from, right inside of us, we are special and different .The 17 principles of success offer guidelines for overcoming the challenges in our daily lives. The principles lay the foundation for dealing with adversity, selling goals, overcoming obstacles, to pursue the life we desire for ourselves. Some people think success is having a good job or making a lot of money.However to make change in life you must believe and become confident about something.

Generally employees will be leaving BPO’s in couple of month, the strategy toward it is that Employee experience: its important to view, when an employee join, from day zero to day he left, the experience with him/her get increased. And we should make sure that experience is consistent, is of certain level and has maximum glitches.

Every company has got its own culture, its own mix of people working in the different part of country, experience of working in different culture makes very curious, interest to work, competition is very different there. Each industry has got a set of challenges; it gives a chance to learn something and to master something and will be able to make fast decisions.

Skills and qualities have to be embedded in all of us, a manager, this generation or next generation. A best employer can be formed only by experience & talent. It has to be embedded in our system, from the person you meet first and person you meet last.

The perfect design for a business company to work under the huge influence of inflation is a big challenge that cost growing up everywhere unfortunately clients doesn’t increase their billing. It cause for a lot of ingenuity and innovation, in consistently identifying their wastage. Keep doing more and more with less and less should be the motto.

IIM’s contribute to management professionals in many ways, but the label they have come only through history, tradition, curriculum etc. however they are not the sole proprietor. Now the country is recognizing that there are also many other sources for good talent.

Whatever you do as a student, keep focusing about what value you are adding to yourself, and to this institute, and tomorrow to your company.

Success is getting what you want, happiness wants what you get. It’s better to ask people to think about what next, so not best practice, but next practice….

Abstract from the interview with Mr. Raj Kamal B (Head HR. AdityaBrila Minacs)

An Article By:

Jithin Mathew
PGDM 13-15 Batch
IFIM Business School