A guest lecture was conducted at the auditorium on 13th November 2014 for the PGDM batch of 2014-16 by Santhosh Krishna, HR director at 24[7] Innovation Labs. Mr. Krishna has 14 years of corporate experience wherein he worked with WIPRO, MICROSOFT, AOL. He has been working for the past 3 years for the global business wing at 24[7] Innovation labs. He talked about the 2 dimensions to emotional intelligence (EI).

  • Who am i? – How well I understand
  • Who are others? – How well I understand others.

Knowing ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses are a must. A person must have self regulation that is, one must have discipline. He told the students that saying no is a big part of self control. Understanding the social environment around us and being socially responsibilities is not a bad thing. This will help us to understand whether we are able to swim, sink or drown with your team. Relationship management is also important. This can be managed by empathy and commitment. Being able to  influence online others is one of the best things that could come out from this. Emotional intelligent people will understand the work of emotions. This point led to a cracking statement which caught the attention of all the marketing enthusiast. He said “ The more you listen, the more you sell. The more you talk, the more you fall”. He asked the students to prioritise time so that they could be productive in work and also in their personal life. Setting boundaries is also a huge part of life. It shows that you have a spine and  it shows that you have a life. He ended his wonderful lecture by saying that EI cannot be quantified. It has no measurement frame. There is only language. It can only be improved. The lecture was also attended by Mr. Abhishek Narasimha, Reasearch Scholar.


PGDM BATCH 2014-16