Guest lecture on entrepreneurship – charting your own path

“Customers are the king of the market so to delight them they should be given with tremendous customer service.”

On 3/9/2014 we had guest lecture on entrepreneurship – charting your own path by Mr. Shanmugha nagarajan ,he is the co-founder and chief people officer of [24]7 innovative lab, which delivers customer engagement for service and sales. It drives incremental conversions and revenue on web, mobile, chat, social, and phone channels. He started the lecture with a gist on entrepreneurship : AIPPA, A- aspire i.e., entrepreneurship for aspiring something great. Dream big, bigger you dream better you get. I- ideate i.e., pivoting and find the right dream. P-partner i.e., find the right partner. P-perspire i.e., work hard no shortcut. P-persevere i.e., persistence and never give up. A- achieve i.e., chase your dream without changing it, don’t stop after achieving it. After that he gave a brief information about his company. It is a software platform which gives B2C solutions. It was founded in the year of 2000 with 20 employees and in 2005-2006, the first client engagement with applied analytics and expansion with manila centres was done. The majority operations done in Philippines, India, Latin America. The philosophy of this company is one size doesn’t fit all ( anticipate, simplify, learning). The client’s foot print are capital one , Lenovo, best buy, air Canada,

America airlines, Amex, SEARS, Microsoft , ford Airtel, Vodafone. The company’s achievements are, it ranked amongst America’s most promising companies by Forbes and its in the 50th rank in the category of great place to work. He ended up saying that don’t give up and never ever give up until the situation make you to do or die.

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Fatima Vijayarani.B