Gulf War between editors’ and readers’ choice of TIME magazine

On December 8, 2014-Time editors narrowed down their list from 50 Global leaders and CEO’s to eight individuals for the title ‘People of the Year’.

The list included:

  • Alibaba Group head Jack Ma,
  • Ebola caregivers,
  • Russian Vladimir Putin,
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook,
  • Ferguson protestors,
  • Singer Taylor Swift,
  • National Football League commissioner Roger Stokoe Goodell
  • Masoud Barzani- President of Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

   Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi  won TIME magazine’s online readers’ poll by receiving more than 16 percent of almost 5 million vote cast, he  but could not make it to the shortlist of top eight individuals for the title of ‘Person of the Year’ in Time magazine.

Person of the Year, initially called as ‘Man of the Year’ till 1999, was started by US based Time Magazine that features and portrays a person, group, idea or object that ‘for better or for worse’ has done the most to influence the events of the year. It was an eye-opener, the list included Taylor Swift who is just another Pop star of the USA who has never been able to create any kind of influence on the Society except for the fact that she is popular for her songs and one of her latest triumph: Rampwalk in the Victoria Secret fashion show. At the same time if we see the work of Prime Minister Narendra Modi he was always been able to create a great influence on People in India and also around the world. US President Barack Obama called him as ‘man of action’ when Prime Minister Modi was on his visit to USA. He also said: ‘Modi has impressed me so far with his willingness to shake up the bureaucratic inertia inside of India. But this is a long-term project and we will have to see how successful he is. It gives a good example of his impact all over the world.

 This actually gives rise to many questions for the benchmark set by the TIME editors’ to sort out the warrant candidate for the ‘People of the Year’ title that if it’s the News-worthy more deserving or the Praise-worthy. So it is not wrong to say that the magazine’s editors simply inflict their decisions for the Time ‘Person of the Year’ title for which the two polls by the magazine also gives a clear viewpoint. When Time magazine readers’ declare Modi as the ‘Person of the Year’, its editors’ somehow believe that Prime Minister Modi doesn’t deserve the honor. Although Singapore’s Straits Time recently honored him as ‘Asian of the Year’ and he also debuted at number 15 for the Forbes Power List this year.

However, this difference between the TIME editors’ and TIME readers’ choice emphasizes the fact that TIME magazine has failed to understand the heart of its readers and it should be an embarrassment for TIME magazine. Also the fact that, ever since awarding ‘Person of the Year’ title has started, the only Indian who has been awarded this title was Mahatma Gandhi in 1931, which reveals a lot about TIME magazine’s interest to honor Indians.So, it’s better to ignore the TIME honor when Prime Minister Modi himself is not bothered for these mock Titles and running the World’s largest democracy.

 Article By : Rahul Singh