Here’s Why Journalism Could Be The Right Career Choice For You

Are you curious, to the extent that you enjoy exploring stories and strive to get to the bottom of it immediately?

Do you want to start conversations and create awareness about events and issues?

Do you believe in sharing your knowledge and insights with the world, something that would be otherwise missing?

Is writing your forte?

Well, if you answered ‘YES’ to these questions, then it’s highly likely that Journalism is the right choice for you!

A degree in Journalism opens up an array of opportunities for a student.

With everything getting a digital touch in today’s world, journalism too has been bitten by the digital bug. Traditionally, opportunities for work in the field included only writing newspaper/magazine articles and stories and news anchoring. Now, however, it also includes creating online articles, blogs, video logs or vlogs, live streams, tracking social media trends, online publishing papers, web portals dedicated to a particular field i.e. technology or education or sports etc. As people all over the world expect quick, bite-sized, news-on-the-go, the expectations from the industry have also moved towards quick and brief news.

In light of these changes in the industry, the skills required to not only pursue but also do well in the field of Journalism have increased. They include the following:

Social Media


Data Analysis




No one knows the future of Journalism, but the digital dynamic economy will grow demanding day by day asking the “journalists” to be on their toes and learn the new skills continuously without compromising the foundation of journalism.

With a degree in journalism, it can only enhance your career into fields such as reporting, research, proofreading, photo journalism, video reporting, among other options.

IFIM’s Journalism course aims to educate and equip budding journalists with the necessary skills to enter and excel in this space.