I was born ORPHAN!!!

“Children are the most precious beings gifted by God to Parents” But what if the children are left by their parents itself? Imagination itself scares right? Once if we look at their STRUGGLE, I am sure our heart will go on melting. Their life is very confused and complicated from their childhood stage itself and they have to support them self’s right from the child hood. Each and every day they face many challenges which throw lots of burden to their tiny little lives. Here’s a pathetic situation which i have witnessed. During my under graduation course i had a friend called chaitu, unfortunately he had committed suicide for a small reason that he had not gained generic cialis canada online pharmacy good marks in exam… It really brooked us in to tears and made a mirror before us to see where we are and how important are the studies are. It was really shame on our part because we can’t even understand his pain also… we failed not only in education but also as a frind… this made us to realize where we are? We thought we should do something for our love on him… to plant a seed of his thoughts to help orphan children, as a token of our love towards him we had started a small team to help child orphanage homes with supplying books and small amount of money which we had won in some fests and savings in our pocket money… finally the day had came and we where there, all our classmates took many eatables, books, money for them and we ourselves distributed all this stuff among them… We sang songs , we played few games with them to provide them with little entertainment. Interestingly they were utterly happy, frankly speaking they were overwhelmed for what all we have done to them… We had spent splendid time with them, conversations are getting interesting and emotional. In the mean time I observed one boy who was sitting alone  at the corner, Noticing that i went near to hear and started speaking to him for few seconds he spoke
nothing only silence ran between us. Then i stopped talking and i too started to stare at him as he did. Then hostel warden informed me that he is from north and he don’t know telugu to communicate. Warden said me, he was the boy who was left by his father at the bus station of Vijayawada, That means he was made orphan by his own dad. I was muted; i don’t know how to react. Boy is just looking at me, i gave him a chocolate. He was broken in to tears and hugged me. Tears rolled on my cheeks. Many similar stories we encounter in our daily routine. But the fact is that only FEW of us Bother and respond, some of them STARE, and some of them IGNORE!!! THEY are the ones who can turn everything colourful and spread happiness around. But these little innocent children without their involvement they generic  are leading a lonely life. Many of them don’t even have their primary needs. Throughout their life they only strive for feeding their stomach. They have none to share their feelings, none to care for them. Many of them have a great potential and deep passion to study but they can’t …only few of them have supporting hands to build up their future but what about the rest of them?! This surely needs a strong solution which lies in us only. We YOUTH only can bring a DRASTIC CHANGES in the SOCIETY by raising our VOICE and creating AWARENESS. All that they need is a CARING HEART and HELPING HANDS. The proud factor is that we as a part of IFIM family are working on ACTIVITIES like SIKSHADHAR as our contribution to society. Hereby i would like to share my ideas which may bring out a change when followed…spending MONEY WISELY…AVOIDING the WASTAGE of FOOD…DONATING our CLOTHES ,BOOKS,MONEY etc so that it might be a contribution from our part hope this might work out better.