IFIM Da Ghost Busters

No ghost was ever seen by two pairs of eyes, and then I wonder sometimes who makes the stories, about them wearing white saris, about their supernatural power and extraordinary psychic skills. In my hostel, ghost stories are the best example of Chinese whisper. Ghost stories really scare people, they have such a big imagination that after they watch a horror movies like ‘The Grudge’, they look in the corner of their room for the next two days. In my hostel i.e. IFIM hostel, the laws of physics doesn’t work after midnight. One of my friends mistook some sound to be a baby’s crying sound (dead baby), hope nobody was secretly pregnant here, that to in the boy’s block. Now that was about people who were scared of ghost, but there are some brilliant minds here who work the other way round, their idea is to catch the ghost, they see themselves as IFIM da ghost busters, and after through research they came up with the crazy idea of calling some spirits through this thing called, “ouija talking board” aka “ojo board”, here where the trouble gets double. Now they claim that they have seen some movement during the process, but have they personally seen the ghost? Not one. I loved ghost stories, creaky staircases, and stormy nights. If it guaranteed nightmares I read it by flashlights, after midnight. Most people who went about saying a ghost had poked them with a brolly would be locked up somewhere. I asked one of the IFIM ghost busters, in a very serious tone, Jithin, what’s a ghost? He said “Aliyaa, ghost is someone who hasn’t made it- and they don’t know they’re dead. So they keep walking around and thinking that you’re inhabiting their- let’s say, their domain. So they’re aggravated with you, my reaction to that came with an uncontrollable laughter for next six minutes, followed by tears rolling from my eyes because of the laughter. In literature, the ghost is almost always a metaphor for the weight of the past. I don’t believe in them in the traditional sense. In one aspect, yes, I believe in ghosts, but we create them. We haunt ourselves”. Ghosts have a way of misleading you; they can make your thoughts as heavy as braches after a storm, but again I wonder why it is easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight. Anyway if you see a ghost at IFIM again, do let the ghost busters know about it, the Chinese whisper is very strong here and please do not mistake the girl’s with their eyes filled eye liners to be a ghost.

An Article By:

Nikhil T.Ramachandran
PGDM 13-15 Batch
IFIM Business School