It all started in a casual practice session , Yogesh sir came to us asked  “why don’t  you  guys start a football league”..

This question has ignited IFL ( Ifim football league ). All the brains of ifim football freak’s started to wonder how to make it materialistic . All of a sudden we had an organisation team which was lead by Mr Preaneet Kotla and Mr Serbahashi Ghosh . Idea’s were pouring  in relating to execution of this league.
Mr Ghosh thought of a an auction with points and Mr Praneet prepared schedule and format.
With in no time we had 4 teams :
1) Black Panthers(Utham(c),Kaushik,Suresh,Pandey,Ashok)
2)Shikari Palya Rangers(Sonu(c), Deepthi,Krishnendu,satish,prasad)
3)Red Wings(Shiva(c),nikhil,Srath,Pandu and Norbu)
4)Pig Skin Devils(Sandeep(c),Santosh,Sourin,Vijun,Bopanna)
6)Black Assasins(Ravi(c),Yogesh,Abhijeet,Satinder and Mohit)

Auction took place in the presence of Mr Gujan  Sharma and all the captains have bid for players and by the end of auction each team had  5 players.  Underdogs and Pig skin warriors have looked favourites and thanks to smart bidding by Mr Sandeep and Mr Serbhashish.
The tournamnet started on 5th and the first match was between  Red Wings and underdogs and a surprise was  pulled in the very beginning as Red Wings won its match 1-0 and the rest of tournament carried on with surprises.
Here are the results of the leagues :

Group A
1) Red Wings vs underdogs : Red wings won it 1-0
2)Red Wings vs Black assasins : Match ended as a draw
3)Black Assasins vs Underdogs :Match ended as a draw

Red wings and Black Assasins qualified frokm group A.

Group B
1)Shikaripalya Rangers vs Black panthers: 3-3 Match ended as a draw.
2)Pigskin Devils vs Black Panthers:1-0 Black Panthers won it.
3)Pigskin warriors vs Shikaripalya Rangers:2-2 Match ended as a draw.

Shikaripalya Rangers and Black Panthers qualified.

1)Red Wings vs Black Panthers: Red wings won it 2-0
2)Black Assasins vs Shikariplaya Rangers: Black Assasins won it in penalties.

By Sunday evening Black Assains and Red Wings were left as finalists. Here is the result,
Red Wings vs Black Assasins : Red Wings won it 1-0.

RED WINGS were the eventual champions of inaugural IFL.

Though Red Wings won the league it was football who actually prevailed in the last.
There was sportsmanship through out and most of all it was fun.
A tournament to remember in this beautiful journey of IFIM.