Is Entrepreneurship is only for Brave Hearts…..?

May be yes, you seek an expert’s help to move forward in an unfamiliar work situation, and are afraid of challenges. Entrepreneurship

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  • You don’t try new things because statistics say that the probability of failure is 90%.
  • You dream of becoming Big but compromise on your ideologies.
  • You know everything? And even you don’t like learning from your juniors or peers but you always learn from CEO’S viagra generic online because that is your primary goal of doing a startup.
  • You have to be mentally strong.
  • You won’t rise money overnight.
  • Your co-founders may leave you mid- risk of viagra way.

“We often hear success stories of startups, but no one tells us how many failures are buried under the success.

Fact’s to overcome:

  1. Frustration: It pharmacy online propecia hits you like monthly mobile bill, we plan something great, but plans fail quite often. We can’t avoid the frustration of failure, but we can learn how to handle it.
  2. Insecurity: You doubt your decisions many times. You won’t find anyone to help you out. This is a side effect of becoming your own cialisonline-lowprice boss. You can’t ask for directions all the time, even if you have mentors.
  3. Self-worth issues: You doubt yourself. After continuous failures, you start feeling like you aren’t worthy of anything. Persistence and perseverance are keys to tackling such a situation.
  4. Addiction of work: Addiction to anything has an adverse effect on life. smoking, alcohol.
  5. Sleep disorders: Bad sleep habits take the front seat when you have to deliver a product in time. So, to overcome that wake up at same time daily irrespective of your sleep time.
  6. No social life: You won’t feel it because you are busy building your product or chasing your next customer, but your friends know how many parties you are missing.

“This is not to scare you, but it may be scary as the life of startup is like that”, Life doesn’t get easier you just get stronger.



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