Female infanticide has been started in the 19th century in India, where an infanticide had thrown in river can be showcase as an example. It has its reasons as dowry and sex selective abortion.

In early 90’s our parents joined hands to save a girl child, they had gone through hard situations to stand against the society to change the people mind set as well as their own. They stood strong all the time facing all the stones for giving us fruits. They had not only tried for change but succeeded in bringing the result for their struggle. We have to felicitate them from bottom of our heart, but actually we should worship them for their hard work and saving girls. This created a beautiful generation with a good sex ratio in INDIA.

Now the question raise, what is the use of saving a girl child at that time???

Yes, really this question should be asked by every individual to their heart. In fact we all should be feel ashamed of our generation due to things happening and also agree we failed to save a girl.

Let me take you all through a incident that happened 3 months back in electronic city, Bangalore. Electronic city is a place occupied with so many paying guests (hostels) for both boys and girl. This is a place connected to every part of the country and place meeting different kinds of people. Now coming to scene here 2 working women are sharing a room in hostel, One girl use to keep their room key at their window as they both work in different offices their office timings are different and sleep so that other girl comes to rum without disturbing her sleep. This was observed by one man and he took the advantage of this situation and raped the girl cruelly.

This was only one incident but they are so many incidents happening repeatedly not only in Bangalore but throughout in INDIA.

Now a day’s abduction, abuse, molestation, depredation, plundering, Rapes, moilistions, sexual harassment and sexual abuses name may be different but same situation becoming quite common and taking a serious turn of killing the victim. Those are the girls whom we saved in 19th century with a mission named SAVE A GIRL CHILD.

Please don’t spoil the hard work done by our parents with the mission of “SAVE A GIRL CHILD”. It’s time to accelerate the present generation to start a new mission “PROTECT A GIRL CHILD” because; we are saving the girls as infants and people are taking their lives when they are grown.

If the same situation continues not only existence of women but for the boys also becomes difficult, because even a boy should be born from mother’s womb. Even our next generation need women, so please stop killing infants and don’t take advantage of our girls which won’t make us prove as “MARD”

“Rape is not just a women’s issue. It’s about men who stop behaving like humans and start behaving like animals”

“PROTECTING A GIRL” is not only duty but our responsibility and everyone should take it as like SAVING TREES, ANIMALS, and RESOURCES etc..!

-Nitesh Punnani

PGDM 2014-16 Batch