Reason to Cherish One’s Self:

People always are judgmental. They judge people based on certain criteria which could be done by experts in that field. As we move along in the life, opportunity will knock our doors. Isn’t it? But we normally ignore it as it takes a lot of effort and pain to get along with such opportunities where working hard and smart is required.

Life is a game, which we all play day in and day out. Even if you lose, the game is not over. That is why it is never ending game. Likewise, the opportunity gone cannot be taken back but what we can follow is the upcoming up opportunity. We have to change our perception towards any kind of projection wherein we put the blame on others. Once take a blame on our side, try to work with it. It seems pretty easy to speak, isn’t it? But believe in yourself, the day you take blame for your fault, that will be a learning experience. As a manager, his/her job is to make sure that the team which performs well in turns brings profitability to the company. As a member of a peer group, there could be a possibility of overlooking the point of pressure on the required result. This will spoil the environment, resulting in team conflict with superior. Now, the blame could be put on both the sides, will it be fair if the results are not achieved? No, isn’t it? So the focus comes into the picture, all the members of peer group forms the team with the manager as leader. With the objective well defined, the task becomes easier, but peer group still faces problems. The reason could be many, but rather going into reasons it is better to go for a permanent solution.

As a member of peer group, it is the responsibility of each member to perform a certain level. Even when the case is against you, you still have the opportunity to proceed to that task because you think that your role is make sure that the task assigned is completed. Now what happens, if all the members of that peer group outperform? This situation is possible as different people have different culture, but since you work with a certain culture in any organization that culture brings all the member of the peer group in a certain level of understanding. For that particular moment, try to make sure that you perform the team task. For the reason, if a team does well, isn’t you a part of it.

If this moment continues then what happens to the person who performed above the expected level? This is where the problem arises, if this thinking process starts then the team coordination loosens up. So, is it a person for his/her life performs without contradicting to the above point? The answer is No. As the person performs, he/she indirectly build its database with knowledge and learning. With these sources of data, one will climb up the ladder consistently.

As the member of peer group constantly updates his database, the question arises, when does the utilization come? This will come when your passion for a particular task have started to vanish. Then, the database will be your support for the future prospects and growth.

There is a saying which says, Do your duty to the best and God will take care of the rest. This exactly states that the effort in maintaining your database is the key to overcome any situation or problem.

Passionate about doing something;

I believe in that thing,

Is the reason to follow,

For the life,

There is a better tomorrow.

An Article By:

Ajay Kumar S
PGDM 13-15 Batch
IFIM Business School