Report On Book Exhibition

It was not less than a grand feast for the enthusiastic readers, as IFIM College organized ‘book exhibition’ in coordination with library committee in the college premises on 09-March-2015 which was initiated by ‘INTACT BOOKHOUSE PVT.LTD’. Mr. Chandrashekhar vendor of ‘INTACT BOOKHOUSE’ showcased around 1000 books by 10 prominent publishers which included from literature to history, management to science, current affairs to showbiz etc. The response was highly tremendous as many aspiring young readers including faculty were seen gorging on many critically acclaimed volumes.

As per the librarian Mr. Mahadev .M “Due to such events, students are getting opportunity to go through the books which are highly influencing and based on day to day life, which benefits an individual to wider his/her knowledge”. He further said “Around 120 books are approved by the faculty for IFIM College’s library, which will be soon added in the library”.

The event was organized in order to bring outer exposure to its students, to sow the seed of interest and to enhance their knowledge. Hence the event turned out to be a grandeursuccess.


Mohammed Nizam

BA (Journalism) II semester

IFIM College.