On July 24th 2015, the calling students of the 2014-16 PGDM batch went through a wonderful session on Supply chain management. The guest lecture was taken by Mr. Anand Raj from Flipkart who is currently the Associate director-Market place operations, Supply chain management. The topic of Mr. Raj’s lecture was “SCM’s role in the retail sector”.

‘SCM is very strenuous. If you want to excel you should  be ready to get your hands dirty’, said Mr. Raj. It is very important to do the lowest entry level job so as to understand each and every link that constitutes the supply chain. Cost optimisation as against cost reduction is the order of the day. It is very important to reduce cost but it is very important to bring in value to the services or the process that is an outcome of a supply chain. To do this the greatest mantra is to look into Space, People and Fleet.

Putting forth the question about how one can optimise cost when the volume of products grows, Mr. Raj came up with an annual map for cost optimisation.

January, February, March:

  • Check the current cost
  • Identify gaps for optimisation
  • Cost roadmap

April, May, June:

  • Process
  • Redesign
  • Re-engineering

July, August, September:

  • Pilot testing

October, November December:

  • Implementation
  • Continuous improvement

With wonderful examples the session was a very simple demonstration of how to manage cialis and grapefruit juice side effects the supply chain process in businesses. Key links in the subject of SCM like packaging and logistics were dealt with which enlightened the students. The session was also attended by Mr. Rupesh Sinha, Associate professor and Professor of Supply Chain Management, IFIM B SCHOOL



PGDM 2014-16 BATCH