In recent times, it has become common to hear news on television and various media about rape cases and women assault cases in our country. Front pages of almost every leading newspaper recently, are full of articles on under aged girls being raped or a student being raped by her teacher. The question which arises in my mind after hearing and reading news of this manner is “what has happened to all the Indian men in our country?” Where has that spirit of bravery and courage vanished, which used to exist in the men in the past that had fought for their motherland India in several wars? This question is yet to be answered by everyone It was just a few days ago that the UBER Rape case occurred in Delhi which shook the capital. Some irrational people were also blaming the woman, saying that it was her fault as she was drunk at a late hour in the night and was semi-conscious unable to save herself. Even suggesting something like this is audacious and shows a narrow minded mentality. It is the duty of the people to make every place in India safe for women. The accused has been caught and trial proceedings will start in the court against that person. But wait a minute? This type of incident has happened earlier in Delhi itself which was the Nirbhaya case and the outcome resulted in a few days of protest by people and some pace in solving that case in court. Sadly, as the days passed people forgot about it.

Let’s take a look at another case which happened recently in a reality show when the host of the show was slapped by a ‘disturbed’ audience member giving the excuse that he slapped her because she was wearing a short dress. I would like to mention that in our country, all men are excused of wearing short clothes in public places. Then why have a hypocritical mindset towards women? When we say I Am Proud to Be an Indian, I don’t think this statement is justified as we are not able to transform India into a safer place for our mothers and sisters.

The solution is not just to organize fundraising and charity functions to contribute towards organizations which are working for the women and their welfare. Instead, we need a strong and enforcing law which inculcates fear among the criminals who see women only as an object to be used and then disposed of. The law should be so effective that all the brutal people who are roaming free in the country and those who are behind bars will think thousand times , in fact probably even slap themselves a hundred times before doing any delinquencies like molestation, physical and sexual assault against women.

Article by : By Jagmohan Singh Ahluwalia