The importance of “values” in Management Education

On 10th December 2014, Mr. Krishnan, Senior VO Marketing of ASM technologies addressed the students of 2014-2016 batch on vivid aspects of Management education. Mr. Krishnan emphasized the importance of “values” by drawing excerpts from various Indian mythological stories. The lessons we learnt from these stories were that fair play is important to management students. Success comes from the contribution of every single person in the organization and one shall never get success on to head.

Mr. Krishnan presented interesting case of Arvind eye care hospital. The primary standpoint was social entrepreneurship. Arvind eye care is one of the premier hospitals in India with best management system. They adopted McDonald’s operational model for swift operations. The key take away from this case was keen observational skills and mapping different methodologies to solve the problems of the society.

He also gave us insights regarding the patents and intellectual property. According to the statistics of the world, in the last 100 years 90% of inventions were from USA, 6% from Japan and Israel. Only 4% from rest of the world. Presently 90% of the products are available to only 10% of the population. This indicates that there is a tremendous opportunity and scope in this area. The emphasis was laid on fundamental innovation with an example of social and economic innovation of embrace a low cost infant warmer.

His message to the students was to create a rich learning experience by experimenting in different facets, learn from the mistakes and unleash their energy to excel in life.

Article By: M.Aishwarya

PGDM 2014-2016