Do you know why accent neutralization is important:

Accent neutralization is important as it facilitates in reaching out to a global audience and also in connecting with people irrespective of their regional accent. It improves communication by eliminating one of the major barriers in linguistic communication.


A workshop on the topic Accent Neutralization was conducted in the premises of IFIM College as per the MOU with Deccan Herald by the Journalism Dept.. BA & BBA students who have registered for the Deccan Herald tie up attended the program.

The objective for the workshop was to help students acquire a neutral English accent.The two hour workshop was conducted by Arti. V. Saxena, the representative form Deccan Herald. She started the workshop by stating the importance of accent and what impression it gives about a person for the first time.

These exercises concluded that speaking with correct accent is a skill and these skills are gained by proper practice.

she discussed about Pronunciation, Speaking Strategies, Essential Factors in Spoken English, Elements of Pronunciation, Sound Clusters, Rhythm and Function of words. The students were then given worksheets which had exercises like:

Underlining the stressed words

Indicating pause and full stop


During the last part of the workshop the topics discussed were Intonation patterns, Speaking Tips, Common Errors in Speech, Common Errors in Sentence Formation and Commonly mispronounced words. All in all the workshop was interactive and gave students an understanding about neutral accent and pronunciation and the ways they can achieve it.