Selecting A Career Path | Corporate Mentorship Program | JAGSOM

Samanth B M When I had decided to pursue PGDM, I was unsure about the path which I should take. Whether I should pursue finance or marketing was a big question mark, but my corporate mentor came to the rescue and guided me to pursue a career path which excites me and today I m happy to start my career in the marketing.   The corporate mentorship program has made me more informed about myself, my goals and has taught me to make smart goals for life. This program has helped in developing Read more [...]

Saw Industry From a Close Perspective | Corporate Mentorship Program | JAGSOM

Payal Anand Mentoring helps to develop a pipeline of future leaders who understand the skills and attitudes required to succeed within an organization. Corporate Mentorship has given us a glimpse into the practical world while still being a student. Mentoring sessions enabled our mentors to share their valuable industry experience with the students.   The sessions helped us to capitalize our strength and forced us to work on our weaknesses. It enabled us to narrow down the gap between Read more [...]

My Knowledge Journey of Finance at JAGSOM

Finance has always interested me professionally and I cannot name a better institute that could help me acquire all the knowledge and skills to make a successful career in finance. Right from the courses, to clubs, activities, events, and Super specialization in capital markets.   All this has helped me expand my horizon of knowledge on finance majorly on the risk and financial markets. I express my gratitude to Jagsom for helping me become a better individual and getting placed in Arcesium Read more [...]

My Journey with the Professors at JAGSOM

We all love teachers who give us something more than the homework to take back home. That is the exact kind of Professors I had at JAGSOM. I am Manoja, a final year Marketing student at JAGSOM. With an Engineering background and a few years of work ex after my graduation days, I was apprehensive and had doubts about how I'm gonna perform when I opted for PGDM Marketing. But I was jubilant with the line up of faculty we had at JAGSOM. They had rich Industry exposure and a wide amount of work experience. Read more [...]

Learning by Solving with Sahamati – Collective of the Account Aggregator Ecosystem

India’s fast growing FinTech scene has attracted a lot of attention and investment in the past few years. A host of companies and startups populate the various segments such as WealthTech, Lending, InsurTech, Digital Banking, NeoBanking and RoboAdvisories. The COVID-19 pandemic has further resulted in the acceleration of Digital Transformation across sectors, giving a boost to Indian FinTech companies. According to the Medici India FinTech report, FinTech investments reached USD 1.47 billion in Read more [...]


Live projects are about bringing professional management experience to students which help them in the beginning of their career as well as in the long-run. IFIM Business School has bring out this opportunity to their students by collaborating with renowned institutions all over the global. Insofe, is one of the institution that have team up with IFIM and gave the best out of it to the students.    The live project main objective is to classify the product images especially grocery products Read more [...]

Building an Image Classification and a Recommendation System for Fashion Garments/Accessory.

As part of my super specialization in analytics at IFIM, I got introduced to deep learning models and an opportunity to work on this project. About the Project As part of this project, we must build an image classification system using Convolutional neural networks for classifying the images into 10 categories of fashion garments/accessories, followed by a recommendation system. The recommendations are based on the type of garment/accessory, price, and previous ratings.  When an image and Read more [...]


Analytics Super Specialization Project   Detecting the author of speech using NLP (Natural Language Processing)     In politics, “One news can change a vote, one vote can change the result and one result can impact a nation’s future to any extreme”. In the era of media driven politics the fake stories can adversely change the opinion of people. During super specialization, our team has been assigned to build a model to eliminate one such problem. We had the sample speeches Read more [...]

Predicting the Women’s clothing rating based on the customer reviews

As a part of my INSOFE analytics super specialization program at IFIM Business School, I got introduced to new concepts such as deep learning models and an opportunity to work on this project.     In today's marketing campaigns, understanding consumer expectations is of utmost importance. Companies are beginning to shift to social media and various e-commerce sites as a medium for understanding their clients. Text analysis has become an important area of study in natural language processing Read more [...]

Predicting Alpha signals through micro-blogging data

Imagine if you can predict the movements of stocks by analyzing people’s sentiments. That is precisely what we did in this project. So, we had two type of datasets for this project, one is a excel file which has the 7 numeric factors used to predict the alpha signals and other one is a JSON file which contains tweets and sentiment scores of each tweet.   The JSON file is a huge one as it almost contained more than a million tweets in it and processing it was really challenging. For the Read more [...]