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Creating Memories On The IFIM Campus

The time spent in school and college go on to become one of our fondest memories. These are the moments that people treasure for their entire life; the moments they wish to turn back to when they think of their college life. Colleges, too, these days inspire students by helping develop an active life on campus, which in turn help motivate them in their career growth, in addition to their holistic development. At IFIM, we strive to ensure that students carve memories that will last in their hearts Read more [...]

Football player valuation: How teams operate in transfer market

Two deals between Premier League clubs have left fans wondering what represents player value in the market these days. Manchester City paid Liverpool £49 million for Raheem Sterling while Liverpool spent £32.5 million of that money on Christian Benteke from Aston Villa. Both selling clubs reached the point at which they could no longer say no. But how they reached to that specific number is shrouded in the mystery. For any transfer to go through, it needs the agreement of the club’s holy trinity: Read more [...]


The students witnessed an exhilarating experience at the Bananthimari Betta on 05th July 2015. Early Sunday morning the bus was packed and all set to go to Kanakapura town which is the nearest town to the hills. This Bananthimari hills are Located between the villages of Konanadoddi and Kuthnahalli just off the highway to Mysore. This hillock duo of Bananthimari is a scrubby beauty and the unique trail of Bananthimari Betta was indeed a trek of a life time. This route climbs up a hill with the most Read more [...]

Annual Sports Day-March 24th,2015

 “Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision”-With this motto of championship and victory in mind IFIM institution family celebrated its Annual Sports Meet on Tuesday, the March 24th 2015. The sports day began enthusiastically with a welcome speech by Prof. Azeema Tabassum which was followed by lighting of the torch by our chief guest Mr. Mohan …..Who declared the sports meet open. The ground looked colorful Read more [...]


  It all started in a casual practice session , Yogesh sir came to us asked  “why don’t  you  guys start a football league”.. This question has ignited IFL ( Ifim football league ). All the brains of ifim football freak’s started to wonder how to make it materialistic . All of a sudden we had an organisation team which was lead by Mr Preaneet Kotla and Mr Serbahashi Ghosh . Idea’s were pouring  in relating to execution of this league. Mr Ghosh thought of a an auction with points Read more [...]

In relationship with FOOTBALL

It was 2006, world cup year… That was the first time I saw this beautiful game… Ball was passed to ZIDANE and he made realize the true meaning of poetry in motion… By the way, BILL SHANKLY once famously said "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that". There are people who believe in this quote and I am no exception... Football gives me freedom from all the diversities of life, a freedom from all the responsibilities... it just Read more [...]