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Live projects are about bringing professional management experience to students which help them in the beginning of their career as well as in the long-run. IFIM Business School has bring out this opportunity to their students by collaborating with renowned institutions all over the global. Insofe, is one of the institution that have team up with IFIM and gave the best out of it to the students.    The live project main objective is to classify the product images especially grocery products Read more [...]

Building an Image Classification and a Recommendation System for Fashion Garments/Accessory.

As part of my super specialization in analytics at IFIM, I got introduced to deep learning models and an opportunity to work on this project. About the Project As part of this project, we must build an image classification system using Convolutional neural networks for classifying the images into 10 categories of fashion garments/accessories, followed by a recommendation system. The recommendations are based on the type of garment/accessory, price, and previous ratings.  When an image and Read more [...]


Analytics Super Specialization Project   Detecting the author of speech using NLP (Natural Language Processing)     In politics, “One news can change a vote, one vote can change the result and one result can impact a nation’s future to any extreme”. In the era of media driven politics the fake stories can adversely change the opinion of people. During super specialization, our team has been assigned to build a model to eliminate one such problem. We had the sample speeches Read more [...]

Predicting the Women’s clothing rating based on the customer reviews

As a part of my INSOFE analytics super specialization program at IFIM Business School, I got introduced to new concepts such as deep learning models and an opportunity to work on this project.     In today's marketing campaigns, understanding consumer expectations is of utmost importance. Companies are beginning to shift to social media and various e-commerce sites as a medium for understanding their clients. Text analysis has become an important area of study in natural language processing Read more [...]

Predicting Alpha signals through micro-blogging data

Imagine if you can predict the movements of stocks by analyzing people’s sentiments. That is precisely what we did in this project. So, we had two type of datasets for this project, one is a excel file which has the 7 numeric factors used to predict the alpha signals and other one is a JSON file which contains tweets and sentiment scores of each tweet.   The JSON file is a huge one as it almost contained more than a million tweets in it and processing it was really challenging. For the Read more [...]

Game Changers of the Future Businesses

Data is the new oil and is the most valuable resource of the digital era. Modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are redefining businesses globally. These technologies make complex business processes simple and easy to understand, with the help of data.  These new technologies are revolutionising the employment landscape. Businesses globally are adopting these modern technologies quickly and are also witnessing a significant shortage of skilled professionals in data Read more [...]

Are You A B.Tech., B.Sc., BCA or B.Com. Grad? Here’s Why You Should Opt For The PGDM in Business Analytics

The world’s economy is progressing towards the digitisation, robotisation, and automation of business processes.. This movement is more profound in India and the current spate of layoffs is testimony to this fact. Today, concepts like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and big data, are less esoteric jargon and more a reality. Infact, knowledge of these areas will drive the future growth of the business world. While it is a good sign that our country is developing and is moving towards automation Read more [...]


Marketing Analytics, offered as an elective with the Business Analytics program at IFIM Business School, is the process of identifying, measuring and analyzing the various marketing metrics and trends such as key performers, customer needs and trend, sales revenue Vs. expenditure, etc. It helps understand the performance of a marketing strategy. The analytics gives a consolidated view of data gathered from across all marketing channels. Results extracted from this data provide assistance in driving Read more [...]

IFIM’s PGDM for Working Professionals Is What Every Executive Needs To Move Ahead In Their Career

The business landscape is changing faster than ever before. The changing needs of the industry over the years has resulted in many changes in the education sector, particularly in business schools. Companies look at leading business schools in the country for hiring dynamic management professionals. As a result, it has become imperative for leading business schools to continuously update their curriculum to create employable management professionals. Keeping abreast with in-demand skills is a Read more [...]