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Are You A B.Tech., B.Sc., BCA or B.Com. Grad? Here’s Why You Should Opt For The PGDM in Business Analytics

The world’s economy is progressing towards the digitisation, robotisation, and automation of business processes.. This movement is more profound in India and the current spate of layoffs is testimony to this fact. Today, concepts like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and big data, are less esoteric jargon and more a reality. Infact, knowledge of these areas will drive the future growth of the business world. While it is a good sign that our country is developing and is moving towards automation Read more [...]


Marketing Analytics, offered as an elective with the Business Analytics program at IFIM Business School, is the process of identifying, measuring and analyzing the various marketing metrics and trends such as key performers, customer needs and trend, sales revenue Vs. expenditure, etc. It helps understand the performance of a marketing strategy. The analytics gives a consolidated view of data gathered from across all marketing channels. Results extracted from this data provide assistance in driving Read more [...]

Compelling Reasons to Consider PGDM WP

Companies, these days, expect their employees to update their skills on a regular basis in order to stay abreast with the advances in the industry. With the threat from automation looming large over the workforce, employees, too, have understood the need to learn new skills, which will help them stay relevant, become valuable assets of the organization, and grow within the organization. IFIM offers multiple courses under their Executive Education banner. These courses are so designed so as to Read more [...]

Combat Unexpected Layoffs By Upgrading Skills Via Professional Courses For Working Professionals

With digitization and automation becoming the new trend, professionals are now finding it hard to keep their jobs.. Thousands are being asked to leave with no concrete notice  thus, pressurizing the entire work force. One of the reasons for the layoffs could be that executives do not have the right skills to fulfill the ever changing job requirements.   To combat that, IFIM’s PGDM for Working Professionals (PGDM - WP) has been continuously attracting professionals who seek to build Read more [...]

Want To Become A Master Salesman? Choose IFIM’s Skill Certification Sales Management Program

Sales is a crucial function in any industry. Selling of products/services plays a critical role in generating cash flow into the organization which, in turn, helps sustain business operations. Although numerous marketing strategies and techniques are deployed, their main aim is to bring about a turnover in sales. Any organization can be assessed through different means - be it through fixed assets, market capitalization, or through the organization’s ability to generate sales. However, Read more [...]

Madhur Uniyal, Accomplished IFIM Alum, Shares How The Executive Program Bolstered His Career

Madhur Uniyal is currently the Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer of Briskon Technologies. He belongs to the Batch of 2003-05. We caught up with Madhur and asked him about his experience at IFIM and how the Executive Program at IFIM helped him enhance his professional journey. See the interview below. Which course were you enrolled for at IFIM? Executive MBA with specialisation in Finance and International Management What were you doing before this course at IFIM? Before Read more [...]

IFIM’s PGDM for Working Professionals Is What Every Executive Needs To Move Ahead In Their Career

The business landscape is changing faster than ever before. The changing needs of the industry over the years has resulted in many changes in the education sector, particularly in business schools. Companies look at leading business schools in the country for hiring dynamic management professionals. As a result, it has become imperative for leading business schools to continuously update their curriculum to create employable management professionals. Keeping abreast with in-demand skills is a Read more [...]