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“NAMAN” the National Management fest which was happened on 11th September 2015 and 12th September 2015 at IFIM Business School inaugurated grandly by Dr. Madhumita chatterji. The finance event was conducted by the Alpha club members with the support of finance students from 2014-2016 Batch. The event was started at 11’o clock in the morning right after inauguration. Students who are the participants from various business schools have joined here in IFIM Business School which gave us great pleasure. Read more [...]


The Marketing event in Naman 2015 called Coercion was held at the IFIM B-School on 11th and 12th of September 2015. The event kick started with 20 teams from various colleges like IBS Bangalore, IBA Bangalore, XIME , ISME , CMS Business School , Vanguard Business School etc. There were 4 rounds in the entire Marketing Event. 3 Rounds were conducted on the first day. The first round was a Marketing quiz round where the teams were given a question paper consisting of 70 questions to be solved in Read more [...]

BLITZKRIEG-The Best Manager

In this second decade of the twenty first century, the word “manager “has outgrown its literal meaning. Today a manager wears more than one hat, he is not just a leader or a delegator he is a corporate entrepreneur, a salesman, an analyst, a designer, a planner and so much more. And it is this spirit of the 21st century manager that generic over the counter we put to test in the ‘Best Manager’ event held during the annual fest of IFIM Business School, NAMAN ’15. We at IFIM believe that Read more [...]


The most buzzing word in the era of digitalization is SELFIE. As a part of NAMAN management fest’2015.Selfie contest was arranged in the campus of IFIM for two days (SEP 11 & 12). One who clicks the best selfie in a creative way along with the IFIM logo has been awarded with exciting prizes, Sponsored by Our Faculties, Prof. Chowdari Prasad and Prof.Satish Kalra. Participants and the IFIM students poured their selfies in Facebook with the hash tag of nammanaman selfie and it has been routed Read more [...]


          Immelman Turn or the Business quiz was the highlight of NAMAN 2015. The stakes were high as the business quiz had the highest prize money among all the events. 15 teams across various institutions battled it out for two days to own the tag of champions. The teams were made to go through 6 interesting rounds of quizzing in which they were tested on their speed, observation, hearing and lateral thinking among all. The main Read more [...]


BENGALURU- On 11th August 2015, the 2014- 2016 batch of IFIM B SCHOOL organized a farewell party for the senior batch of PGDM & MBA. The venue was held at CROWNE PLAZA a five star hotel in Bengaluru. The theme of the party was Demons and Angels, the demons were the 2014-16 batch whereas the angels were the 2013-15 batch. Approximately around 160 students were expected at the venue. The college had invested a lump-sum amount of one lakh eighty thousand to make the event a successful one. The Read more [...]


Something was different at IFIM on the 5th of August . The suave gentlemen and ladies of IFIM were replaced by men and women representing their respective ethnic culture. On one hand, where the men understood that a 2x4 cloth around their waist is not a matter of joke, on the other the ladies realised that walking 2 inches above the ground could never get easy. All this could lead to only one possible conclusion that “Ethinic day” was being celebrated at IFIM. Ethnicity is not just about religion Read more [...]


The valedictory function for the batch of army men who earnestly served can you take the country took place in the IFIM BUSINES SCHOOL CAMPUS. The five gentlemen: LT Col. Bhagirath Singh Chauhan, Col.Vasudevan, Col. Vinayak Bhat, GP Capt. R Venkatamanan and Col. R.R Katyal were handed their certificates after successfully completing the DGR-CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT. The six weeks course covered topics like fundamentals of retail management, retail supply chain and operations management, Read more [...]


On July 24th 2015, the calling students of the 2014-16 PGDM batch went through a wonderful session on Supply chain management. The guest lecture was taken by Mr. Anand Raj from Flipkart who is currently the Associate director-Market place operations, Supply chain management. The topic of Mr. Raj’s lecture was “SCM’s role in the retail sector”. ‘SCM is very strenuous. If you want to excel you should  be ready to get your hands dirty’, said Mr. Raj. It is very important to do the lowest Read more [...]


When the city was waking up on a cool Sunday morning, three out of ten in our group were ready to backpack across the town to find movie theatres as a part of the Personality Enhancement Programme(PEP). The objectives were threefold, first to find as many movie theatres as possible and click a groupie with the theatre behind us, secondly to spend the least amount of money within the given time frame and lastly a presentation of the journey. From boarding running buses to bumping into strangers, Read more [...]