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Brillio’s Hire-Train-Deploy Model Works Wonders For The Firm

Dr. Mafruza Sultana, Research Associate & Teaching Assistant, IFIM Business School Dr. Shaji Kurian, Associate Professor - HRM, IFIM Business School What comes to the advantage of a technology company is innovation, especially in the hyper competitive tech market. There is a huge race to innovate new ideas and products that fuel the industry overall. It becomes an even bigger challenge to attract, retain and develop that kind of talent who bring in those innovations, disruption and knowledge Read more [...]

Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty Recounts His Experience of IFIM’s Social Immersion Program

By Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty - Assistant Professor, Personality Enhancement Program, IFIM Business School Social Responsibility is inculcated through involvement in matters that require solutions. IFIM Business School lays great emphasis on creating all-rounder’s for which Social Responsibility plays a major role in crafting a responsible learner. IFIM Business School has crafted an initiative called the Social Immersion Program (SIP). The Social Immersion Program sensitizes the students Read more [...]

HR Executives At Kotak Life Insurance Use A Blended Learning Approach To Harness Firm’s Productivity

Prof. Priya Angle, Associate Professor - Finance, IFIM Business School The fastest growing sectors today are the banking and insurance sector. Huge market opportunities in this industry have attracted many private companies, bringing in tough competition. However, effective and efficient HR services can make it possible for any company to function smoothly as well as have an edge over its competitors. Therefore, there lies a constant need for the HR of insurance industry to respond to the external Read more [...]

InMobi Tweaks HR Policies To Unleash Potential Of Its People And The Company

Prof. Binita Vartak - Associate Professor, Personality Enhancement, IFIM Business School Prof. Raj C. - Assistant Professor, Personality Enhancement, IFIM Business School Right from the finances to the logistics, the startup world comes with its own set of challenges with the vendors and customers not taking a serious note of your big idea, most of the times. Over and above all this, there is one set of people that can either make or break your company- The Human Resource. Starting off the journey Read more [...]

The importance of “values” in Management Education

On 10th December 2014, Mr. Krishnan, Senior VO Marketing of ASM technologies addressed the students of 2014-2016 batch on vivid aspects of Management education. Mr. Krishnan emphasized the importance of “values” by drawing excerpts from various Indian mythological stories. The lessons we learnt from these stories were that fair play is important to management students. Success comes from the contribution of every single person in the organization and one shall never get success on to head. Mr. Read more [...]

Guest lecture on entrepreneurship – charting your own path

“Customers are the king of the market so to delight them they should be given with tremendous customer service.” On 3/9/2014 we had guest lecture on entrepreneurship – charting your own path by Mr. Shanmugha nagarajan ,he is the co-founder and chief people officer of [24]7 innovative lab, which delivers customer engagement for service and sales. It drives incremental conversions and revenue on web, mobile, chat, social, and phone channels. He started the lecture with a gist on entrepreneurship Read more [...]