Making renting in and renting out dead simple

One of the greatest problems faced by people especially corporate in a city like Bangalore is finding an apartment. An apartment which is in a particular location such that commuting to work can be easy. Spending brokerage fee for the apartment which you are not satisfied with can be unacceptable. This is where Kailash Sathi and his co founder friends of Zenify come in. Their mantra is to make renting in generic name and renting out of an apartment easy. It should be as easy generic  as booking a hotel room. In an interaction with the PGDM batch of 2014-16 Mr. Sathi talked about his entrepreneurial journey.

Kailash Sathi, an IIT Chennai alumnus of the 2008 batch, struck up the idea with his friends when he encountered all the problems a bachelor with a job would face while looking out for an apartment. Hailing from a small village in Bikaner, Rajasthan, he had the entrepreneur blood running in him. He cheap generic viagra was a regular during the entrepreneur lectures in the IIT campus.

In 2009 they tied up with about 500 brokers to kick start viagra sans ordonnance their venture. Zenify was born in 2012. Zenify not only wants to make renting in and renting out easy they also want to manage the apartment and a give peace of mind to the owners. They relish in the fact that they are a baton holder of taking the property from the owner to the customer. Mr. Sathi said that if you meet the destiny of the customer then you are a winner. This is certainly what Zenify is aspiring for. He found technology and analytics as the backbone of his venture, wherein they go to the customer using these pillars and fulfill their destiny. Zenify is aiming to be a billion dollar company in the next 5 years by 1 lakh properties under their radar. They are also trying to come up with a rental index which is not available in the public forum. The index would be a huge boon for the side effects Indian customer who like the founders  of Zenify in 2008 finds it difficult to rent in an apartment. Mr Sathi ended the session by giving a quote to live for – “Difficulty is opportunity for an entrepreneur”.


Vishnu Arvind Pradip

PGDM BATCH 2014-16