Sujitesh Das, an HR enthusiast had an exclusive interactive session with the HR students of IFIM B-school on Saturday, 6th June, 2015. The session started in the afternoon, with a brief introduction about him.

He is an XLRI Alumni. He has offered his service to reputed companies such as HCL Technologies and Cognizant Technology Solutions. He is currently the Assistant Vice President- Hr at Microland, Benguluru. He has a rich experience of 15 years in this discipline.

The agenda of his session was to demystify HR as a concept and to reveal the truth of the “Business of People”. He stated that HR conventional teachings and lessons are very far from the truth and reality. Moreover, education has taught us to look at things from a linear stand point but we neglect the reverse view. While the books spell out motivation theories, selection processes etc. it does not mention anything about demotivation or rejection, which comprises the harsh reality of the job.

He said that HR as a concept has been overstated and fabricated. If Marketing management is a business of value creation and customer satisfaction, Finance the business of maximizing wealth then HR is the business of people. The business part should not be ignored. He emphasized the importance of canada pharmacy profit motive in every company. Therefore, HR manager is vested with the responsibility of multiplying value and not just value addition. This responsibility is delivered through the roles of HR which includes finding a fit for the required job and economizing it to meet organization goals.

over counter alternative HR is not only a mediator between the management and the employees, or a lubricant to the friction, or a catalyst to the reaction but must play a goes generic holistic role of identifying the gaps, acquiring required competencies, developing them and replacing when needed.

The session was kept lively through tasks and small assignments with great learning. He shared his experienced as a young HR manager of hiring online quiz in pharmacy a chauffeur for his boss and added that HR job is full of surprises. This was the first task, we had to consider his position and put down the criteria for recruiting a chauffeur. The lesson from the task is that we should be more concern about the things we do not need rather than the things we cost  need when we set the criteria. This will give us the focus since 99% involves rejection in a recruitment and selection process.

Then there was a group activity based upon the previous exercise and learning, followed by feedback and corrections. The session came to a close with an assignment of the group activity and an incorporation of the discussed feedback.

It was truly an unraveling session which gave new and refreshing insights into HR functions that has helped us to streamline the requirements as HR personnel.

An article by:-

Lasiewdor Syiem

PGDM 2014-16 Batch