An orientation program is an introductory stage in the process of new student assimilation, and a part of his or her continuous socialization process in the college. IFIM business school completing its 20 successful years as one of the top b-schools in India has opened its doors to the 21st batch of PGDM. The orientation took place on 8th July 2015 at IFIM b-school, the program was filled with expressions of wisdom, all the new students where liberal with the words of experienced dignitaries. The program started with the welcome address by Dr. Madhumita Chatterji, Director, IFIM Business School, Guest of honour were Dr. R.S. Nirjar, Executive Chairman, BOG, IFIM, Mr. SreeKumar, HR-Director, Walmart Labs, Mr. Edwin Moses- Group VP of Oracle. The Spirit of discovery, commitment to excellence & leadership are in the genes if IFIM which they bring out in students.

     Every dignitary gave out their pearls of insight and shared their understanding about making decisions in life.

   The discipline and the commitment towards life’s goal make a man triumphant, the perception of life, mutual respect, team work and belief to make a difference by choice in the society make a better human being and various other belief where conveyed by the dignitaries. The new comers are really blessed to be kick start their career at an immensely erudite institution like IFIM, where the faculty believes in being “GUIDES BY THE SIDE RATHER THEN SAGES OF STAGE”. Every statement had achieved its purpose and all the students were packed with enthusiasm and assurance about their time at IFIM .



PGDM 2015-17 BATCH