Immelman Turn or the Business quiz was the highlight of NAMAN 2015. The stakes were high as the business quiz had the highest prize money among all the events. 15 teams across various institutions battled it out for two days to own the tag of champions. The teams were made to go through 6 interesting rounds of quizzing in which they were tested on their speed, observation, hearing and lateral thinking among all. The main objective was to take them an a ride which goes through all kinds of emotions. The rounds in question were:

Day 1:

Round 1. Written round

Round 2. Advertisement round

Round 3. Brand Ambassador round

Round 4. Audio-Visual Lateral Thinking round

Day 2:

Round 5. Evolution round

Round 6. Crossword

            After the grueling set of 6 interesting and innovative rounds, 6 teams were shortlisted to the finals using the weighted average scores from all the preliminary rounds.

           The quizmaster for the Grand Finale was the Students affairs chairperson of IFIM B SCHOOL, Prof. Rajarshi Chakraborty. There were four rounds in the final. All the teams were tested on various aspects of quizzing in the finals. At the end of all four rounds the team from CMS B-SCHOOL emerged victorious with the team from BMS college and Christ University(Main Campus) tied up for second position. Always the organizers headache ,Tie breaker was made use of to distinguish the second from the third. BMS who till then played aggressive quizzing won a very deserving second place with the team from Christ taking home the third.

The Champions took  home a whooping Rs 25000/- as cash prize with the runners up and the second runners-up winning Rs.15000/- and Rs.5000/-  respectively.


Vishnu Aravind Pradeep

PGDM 2014-16 Batch