France experiences update:

I thank the institute for making this exchange process mandatory for international business students. This tour is helping us to learn and experience many things. Instead this tour helping to understand different markets and the difference between developed and developing country. Here I would like to share some of my experiences and observations during these 30 days stay in France. Here I would like to share my views not only on academics but also on all the other experiences.

Academic experience:

Since I am here for completing one of my semesters, which is made mandatory for an international business student, first I would like to express my experience in academics.

The classes are only one subject per day at max 2. Each class last for 3hours. The time table and class rooms are allotted and updated in their website, for easy access the agenda was made to link with the calendar of the official mail id which was given at the beginning of our academics at ESC.

Here the professors prefer only case studies for teaching. The procedure is they will distribute the case studies (preferably Harvard business reviews). These case studies were distributed one week prior to the discussion on it. The students are made into groups and every group should be ready with the examples, and doubts. These case studies are discussed and respected videos related to case study are played. If there are any theories described in case studies they were also explained and they ask students for giving examples, which makes class a lively. After the completion of the main case study a small case lets are given and professors ask for the But I feel that our style of teaching is good which a combination of cases and theories, but one subject or max of two attracted me. The other thing is the ERP portal they maintain is nice. They provide small rooms for the students who want to discuss. Students should block the rooms through online. This was also nice.

Other experiences with in the campus:

They have a wonderful music and dance clubs. There will some or other events will be going on in the campus. The most beauty is students were allowed to conduct night parties for whole night, which has become a part time job for some of the students. ( I can’t support this in our institute because of the cultural differences).

I like the beautiful garden which filled with apple trees and college allows students to pluck the apples. The most interesting thing is since our class starts at 8 in the morning most of the exchange students are having apples as breakfast.

Non academic experiences:

Environmental and climatic experiences:

The climate is nearly equal to winter in Bangalore, which helped to adopt very fast. The environment is very clean and full of trees. But the most things which fear’s us are the cool breezes. The space between each house will be high and each house will have great garden. I like the usage of pot plants which were hanged and well maintained to the dividers. I feel that the people love gardening most. And the most tamed animal is dog. Almost every one posses a dog.



Transportation experience:

I think the transportation facilities itself will prove that France is a developed country. The transportation will teach us how to main time and how the people of France give respect to time. They give and follow time in such a way that they forgot to express the distance in meters and expressing in minutes. They give respect to the traffic signals. At most respect is given to the pedestrians. In the busses and trains the handicapped and the ladies who carry babies are given a special preference, which is common. I love the transportation facilities here.

Social and cultural experiences:

Here the people respect each other. They give respect to any type of job. They feel very happy with the job they are doing. They don’t show any discrimination. The cleaner and the principal are treated equally and both of them were given equal respect.

The people wish to complete the work on their own and they feel degraded when someone tries to help. But they have a very good helping nature. Here the labours (who clean drainage, plumbers, carpenters, who do mud work) are very low; if I am not wrong they won’t even encourage them.

The people having are doing agriculture are also high and they make use of their cars itself for ploughing or for carrying soil or manure. They won’t even hire helpers in agriculture, even they themselves rent a harvesting machine and they themselves pack them and the sell the crop at the field itself. I got an experience to observe all these things since my room or house which we rented was near to farms.

The people love to enjoy their weekends. Only pubs, restaurants, cinema halls and the shops which provide entertainment were opened during the weekends. We can’t find even a small glossary shop opened on Sunday and Saturday evenings. On Friday nights roads are filled with people enjoying and the open theatres.

Finally food experience and economical experiences:

Food, we feel that Indian food is the best food. Up to now we have not experienced the tastiest food of France. They mostly prefer sweets, cheese and sea food the most, which an Indian can’t eat more.

The economical learning’s are the France has high PPP, which makes us feel that we are spending a lot. I have observed this when I went to MacDonald’s I have applied Bigmac index concept. This gave us a chance to apply the concepts to apply in real life.