“NAMAN 2014”

Thursday, 9th October 2014 – On 9th IFIM B School organized a fest named as ‘NAMAN’. The fest has been sponsored by PEPSI, RED FM 93.5, NEWS 9, FORUM MALL, REX-BRIGADE ROAD, DALAL STREET, WILDLIFE SOS, MBA CLUB INDIA, V.B PADODE CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABILITY. Best Manager was the name of the event. There were 6 participants in total. The theme of the event is ‘GOD FATHER’. An introduction was given to the same theme. An aptitude test was conducted which included general knowledge, current affairs which was to test the IQ level of the participant in which they had to fill in their details. They also conducted debate and extempore competitions.

The judges for the debate were Mrs. Harshali and Mrs. Sonika and for extempore Mr. Raj. The last event for the day was they were given a rose and handed 50 bugs. They were asked to sell the rose and buy something valuable with it and double the value and come back with 750 bugs. The events were quiet interesting and colleges like Christ University, BBBIM, Acharya University and ISBR had participated.

Also, Finance was a major part of the fest. There were seven events in total and five team who came for this event. They started with a general knowledge quiz. The second section had marketing skill which was to know about the participants skill of marketing the strategies they have in mind. There were more events which included general finance skill, hard core finance skill, stock trading, virtual and flor trading, corporation finance, and forex. They also had simple Accounting concept which made the event more interesting.

More colleges like ITM, Mysore along with Christ University had participated. As a whole a strong effort and dedication was laid towards the fest by all.

By- Victoria Chacko
BA(J) I Year