A Journey on the wheels of experiences from school to college

Its pretty obvious for a person to get depressed on the very first week of college. Settling down to a different level and different environment is quiet difficult . “Bangalore” .. this is the city where I came for my college, my further studies and to make my future. The first week of my college, I was terrified to go to the college as I was new and also feared my seniors. My parents kept on telling no need to worry , stay calm. But my mind was restless . The very first day the college had put up an Inaugural ceremony for the new comers. It sounded interesting but at the same time felt nervous. The speeches given by the chief guest, principal, the dean of the college and the secretary were very enlightening. The very second day regular classes started and got introduced to all teachers and batch mates. It made me feel better. We were given the names of the books to be bought and that’s how the day ended..

The next day as usual the classes begun but something more interesting than the classes happened and that was getting introduced to my seniors of the same course. It went on with us giving our introduction to them and from the very next day we started exchanging ‘hello n hi’. I visited the library in my free time and read newspapers and looked around. Each and every teacher taught something new about the subject which made it more interesting.

The fourth day of the week got me more involved in studies. Attending the lectures and making notes. Also I got to know more about journalism related things like the campus interviews and companies giving placement for journalism. The fifth day boosted me up as it was the last day of the week and I had completed a week in the college. Had another classmate and heard more are suppose to join.

As such I believed school was the best but college life is not too bad. I wondered how the week got over so early, I didn’t get the time to realise it. As in I was tensed on the first day but now on the fifth day of the college I feel much better and I think 3 years would just go with the blink of an eye.

By- Victoria Chacko
BA(J) I Year