The importance of being earnest

While I paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s “Trivial Comedy for Serious People, the intention of this blog is to unveil the parody that education of today has become. It is high time we put an end to the farcical routine that passes for receiving and delivering education.  Ask any student what he thinks he is doing at his school – and there is little chance he would have half a rational answer to justify his time and effort at the campus. Ask any school what it does, and they would say they prepare their students for the morrow – a tomorrow they do not anticipate and do not know how to prepare for.  Increasingly we are becoming aware of the industrial era legacy of education and its factory type output. However, it also leaves us in a limbo to identify alternative methods.

What is lacking in most contexts is an inherent need to seek knowledge and a premise on which to deliver the same. Both sides of the equation, the supply and demand, have no motive – a quintessential answer to the question WHY?!

Need is a fundamental driver for biological, sociological and psychological motivations and in trying to satisfy the need for information and knowledge when trying to solve a problem, is the best way for one to learn and satisfying for one to tutor. Entrepreneurs who strive to convert opportunities into businesses solve several problems in business and society and are always looking to educate themselves in the process. Such need driven education is purposeful, self-driven and impactful. However enabling such education would mean a high level of customization and versatile multidisciplinary tutors. Schools today shy away from being able to develop and propagate such education.

An urgent need of the moment is earnestness in the learner and the learned – an earnestness in the need to learn and an earnestness in adding value through education. And a great place to start learning about earnestness is in entrepreneurship – a way to keep ones’ mind open to ideas and a genuine need to find answers to mind boggling questions that can turn opportunities to value.

At IFIM Institutions, we focus on entrepreneurship, to develop future focused and impact curriculum supported by customization incubation program. The Startup Convergence is a platform to stimulate a confluence of ideas from various sources. It is aimed a piquing ones interest and stimulating interesting thoughts to take back as insights. The aim is to build an atmosphere of sharing and learning among all those envisioning and dreaming with the entrepreneurial dreamers. As the advertisement from Accenture points out – “new is not on its way, we are applying it now”. The way to create a future is to nurture visionary minds that apply today, to build tomorrow.


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