Women Entrepreneurs : Breaking Glass ceiling and Creating new pathways

Research has shown that there is bi-directional relationship between women empowerment and economic development. Eminent Economist, Prof. Amartya Sen pointed out that development can be affected if there is continuous discrimination against women.

Policy makers and social scientists all over the world are working on this fascinating topic and trying to find out the relationship between the two. One way to achieve women empowerment is through entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs can be equally effective in rural and Urban areas and entrepreneurship can lead to empowerment in both rural and urban areas. In both rural and urban areas, women entrepreneurs have been able to empower themselves. The struggle is however different for rural and urban areas. In rural areas, the struggle is to have equal access to resources, ability to take decisions, having legal and political power and equal earning opportunities. In the urban areas and specially in the case of top family businesses, women entrepreneurs have to shatter glass ceiling and prove that they are equal and if not better than their men counterparts. It is even more difficult for first generation women entrepreneurs.

Women micro entrepreneurs in rural areas of India have been able to achieve much and are in a position to take decisions about their children and fight against evils of the society. In the urban India, Women entrepreneurs like Dr Lakshmi Venu of TVS Motors, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon Limited, Dr. Swati Piramal of Piramal Enterprises Limited are some of the examples who have been able to prove themselves. To achieve, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), gender equality has to be achieved which in turn result in overall development of the country.

So the story of women entrepreneurs is always fascinating and encouraging. Keeping this in mind ‘The startup Convergence’-Flagship event of Centre of Excellence-Entrepreneurship has invited two eminent women entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the audience. Ms. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder and CEO of Avtaar Career Creators and Ms. Arpita Ganesh, CEO-Buttercups will be part of the event to share experiences about their entrepreneurial journey.


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