Creating Memories On The IFIM Campus

The time spent in school and college go on to become one of our fondest memories. These are the moments that people treasure for their entire life; the moments they wish to turn back to when they think of their college life.

Colleges, too, these days inspire students by helping develop an active life on campus, which in turn help motivate them in their career growth, in addition to their holistic development.

At IFIM, we strive to ensure that students carve memories that will last in their hearts and minds for a long time. For the students, the campus feels like home. So much so, that even students who who hail from countries outside India, find it easy to adjust.

With a number of amenities offered on campus, there is never a dull moment. Events, field trips, wellness programmes, sports, apart from the regular course help students in an all rounded learning, while also feeling at home.

“Along with studying BCA subjects and improving my English, I got an opportunity to witness Independence Day celebrations and play football which has improved my confidence and interpersonal skills. I also started practicing yoga.  A very interesting experience for me was my first project – Indian Constitution. It was difficult for me, but I got to know about rules in India.  Indian Constitution is the longest in the world.”, said Mohammed Ali Abubaker Ali, a student from IFIM College, B.C.A.

life on campus 1

We, at IFIM, feel that it is vital to strike a balance by blending all these elements to encourage a holistically developed learner.

In addition to the recreation activities, we also ensure that they are given a balanced and healthy diet. Our well stocked canteen gives the students an option to choose from meals that include vegetables, dal, rice, roti and salad along with food from the menu such as rolls, parathas, Chinese and so on. On a cheat day, students can munch on chips, chocolates and  desserts.

Our aim is to make the students feel comfortable and encourage them to approach us when they require assistance. Sarbodeep Sood, a 2nd year BBA LLB said, “If I ever need any help, apart from family, the dean of the college is very helpful. Our moot court coordinator, Rahul Seth has always been there for me through everything.”

life on campus 2

An empowered student is one who can explore his/her true potential and this is done by developing an all-round personality. This is what we strive to achieve at IFIM!