Want To Pursue A Career In Law? IFIM Law College Is The Place For You!

Choosing the right college is always a stressful task. There are many factors to take into consideration such as the institution’s ranking and reputation, while also keeping in mind academic offerings as well as extracurricular activities. A career in law has a lot to offer, corporate law being one of them. IFIM Law College is one legal institution that aims to create top corporate lawyers of the country. The aim is to create thorough professionals who are continuously employable.

So what makes us different from the other law schools in the country? We present three reasons as to why IFIM Law College is the right place for you to build your career in law.

Practical Exposure

What comes to mind when one thinks about a law college? The theoretical jargons and rules of the book. Oftentimes, the closest thing to practical experience is a field visit to the court but IFIM Law College not only teaches the “law”, but also teaches them how to apply this law in the real world. The taste of real court experience is given to a student through a moot exercise from the first semester itself.

IFIM has a Law Incubator Clinic, where incubated start-ups are provided legal advice on their day-to-day activities. An interesting aspect is that students of IFIM Law College are given first-hand experience by giving them the opportunity to provide legal advice and guidance to the start-ups at the clinic.

IFIM Law College has a vibrant research environment on the campus. Faculty and students participate in a host of research activities including organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and distinguished guest lectures.



Affiliations With Prestigious Law Institutes

IFIM Law College has signed MOUs with leading universities within the country as well as internationally. IFIM has tie-ups with National Law School of India University, Bangalore as well as Brooklyn Law School, New York. These tie-ups help the students gain exposure to the faculty at these institutes, as well as exposure that would help them gain a better learning of the practical aspects of the law. The MOU’s promote activities such as joint research initiatives, student exchange programs, moot court activities and mentorship.



Holistic Development

Enrolling for a course and getting a degree is no rocket science in today’s world. Anyone and everyone can do it, but those who do it differently are valued more than an average student. So how do you do it differently? To put it in simple words, focus not only on the degree you are acquiring but also on your development as an individual.

IFIM grooms their students to be professional, and hence employable. They achieve this goal by their one of its kind Personality Enhancement Program. This Program is divided into two streams – lifestyle management and life-skills management, which help students work on their basic skills, giving them ample opportunities to polish them in order to become efficient professionals.



By the time you graduate, the memories you create are the most important. These are the learnings that a student will never forget. IFIM Law College offers the most conducive environment for students to learn, grow and excel.