Three Reasons Why IFIM Is The Right Place To Pursue A Career In B. Com.

According to a survey done in October last year, there is an acute shortage in the number of accounting professionals that are available in the job market. At the same time, there is an excess of medical and engineering students who are facing difficulties in searching for jobs relevant to their titles.

The field of commerce opens up a lot of job opportunities for graduates and helps in managing businesses efficiently.

IFIM College offers unique propositions that will help a learner not only carve her career growth, but also develop strongly as their progress with their career.

NAAC Accreditation – In the year 2016, IFIM College, a part of IFIM B-School, was accredited with a Grade “A” by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). This has helped students participate in student exchange programmes and hence, build a diverse environment within the participating institutions. In addition, various MNCs, too, prefer recruiting professionals from accredited institutions, thus assuring students of a job.

Horizontal Growth – IFIM College allows its learners to grow horizontally, while also building up their career vertically, through additional courses such as Accounting and Taxation, Information and Technology, among other electives. This helps in an enhanced learning and builds confidence while applying for jobs.Pedagogy – There is a unique teaching style that differentiates an institute from another. At IFIM, case studies are used to enhance the learning process and provide a greater exposure to the industry. Projects, in addition to classroom learnings, help understand the complex courses in a better way.

In addition, IFIM College arranges industrial visits to a number of corporate organisations which help the students understand the inner workings of the firm’s accounting practices. Students have an opportunity to apply learnings from these real-world engagements to their careers.

Life at IFIM ensures a steep learning curve as well as overall development which result in a well-rounded personality that is sure to help any learner in the long term.