IFIM: The Importance of Accreditations To An Institution And Its Students

Accreditation plays an important role for an educational institution in showcasing the standards of the institution. The Government of India has set up dedicated authorities like University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) & Council Of Architecture (CoA) for accrediting educational institutions. Institutions have to meet the standards set by the authorities to receive an accreditation from the concerned authorities.

IFIM College, a part of IFIM Institutions, is one of Bangalore’s premier educational institutions. IFIM College offers Under Graduate courses in Commerce, Journalism, Management and M.Com. The college was accredited with a grade ‘A’ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the year 2016. The college attracts students across the country and has remained one of the most sought after institutions for higher education.

Some of the benefits of these accreditations are:

Benefit of  foreign exchange programs & tie-ups: Foreign universities evaluate several factors for collaboration with other educational institutions, across the world. Collaboration and tie-ups among universities and institutions is possible only when these factors are met. Some of the critical factors considered by the foreign universities are:





Industrial Relations

International universities understand that, an educational institution that has received accreditation has met the necessary standards. The tie-ups also provide the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the student exchange programs to build a diverse environment in the institution.

Recruitment: Various MNCs, as a part of their campus recruitment policy prefer candidates from an accredited institution. This benefits the institution in attracting many top companies for participating in campus recruitments. Students enjoy the benefit of placement opportunities with top companies.

Higher Education: Recognitions and accreditations play a very crucial role in a student’s higher education as many domestic and foreign universities put tremendous emphasis on the accreditation of the institution the student attends. A graduate from an accredited institute has a better chance of getting admitted into a foreign university than one who isn’t from an accredited institute. In India, it is very important for a student who aspires to pursue an M.Phil. or a PhD to have graduated from an accredited institution.

It is important for students and parents to consider accreditations while shortlisting an institution for pursuing higher education. These institutes ensure that the students get a high-quality education, world-class infrastructure and lucrative future opportunities.