Want To Become A Master Salesman? Choose IFIM’s Skill Certification Sales Management Program

Sales is a crucial function in any industry. Selling of products/services plays a critical role in generating cash flow into the organization which, in turn, helps sustain business operations. Although numerous marketing strategies and techniques are deployed, their main aim is to bring about a turnover in sales.

Any organization can be assessed through different means – be it through fixed assets, market capitalization, or through the organization’s ability to generate sales. However, there are variances in each means. For example, fixed assets are of depreciating nature, market capitalization is of fluctuating nature and the organization’s ability to generate sales would show a definite picture as it brings in money through sales. Hence, the generation of sales would be given more importance during the evaluation of the financial strength of any organization.

Thus, Sales Management, which mainly entails the management of personnel who are part of the Sales function, is a task which managers today have to master.

IFIM’s Skill Certification on Sales Management focuses on the conceptual background and the application of managing sales personnel through the identification, recruitment, selection, training and setting goals for the sales teams. Additionally, the course imparts necessary know-how on motivational principles to help achieve, control and evaluate sales teams geared towards better performance. It also focuses on

the development and management of sales territories;

the identification and selection of appropriate sales personnel to man a territory;

using a territory assessment analysis to identify a potential contributing territory;

allocation of appropriate sales personnel;

setting up appropriate sales plans through applying decision dash boards and a strategic canvas;

identifying appropriate sales targets through sales forecasting techniques;

setting appropriate sales quotas;

developing and managing sales organization;

designing appropriate training modules;

compensation, motivation and performance appraisal techniques to enable sales personnel to perform better

The programme also focuses on providing deep insights and training on prospecting, mastering personnel selling process, sales presentation and negotiations.