The Banking And Insurance Elective Will Help Pursue Your Dream Of Becoming A Banker


Electives are additional courses which specialise in a niche rather than provide an overview of the entire subject field. An elective helps students enhance their field of study thus providing ‘well-rounded’ education. The process of choosing an elective helps students increase their goal awareness. These electives will increase the visibility of the students to the various recruiters in the relevant field. Choosing the right elective is thus important.


Commerce encompasses wide range of segments in the economy. One such niche segment is ‘Banking and insurance’. BFSI is a rapidly growing sector providing abundant job opportunities in both public and private domain. This sector includes a variety of departments such as International Banking and Forex management. This deals with management of transactions in the global business environment, which is crucial owing to the fluctuating exchange rates. Risk management is another important process in banking as well as insurance. In the insurance wing, marketing of the insurance products is a lead opportunity for students to pursue.


Having the choice of an elective will help decide the niche for a career. The B.Com. program provided by IFIM College offers ‘Banking and Insurance’ as an elective along with other choices. This elective opens up multiple career opportunities for students-
Actuary, whose responsibility is assessment and management of risk and uncertainty.
Sales executive in the insurance wing.
Insurance agents.
Banking process and financial executives.
Underwriter who assesses individuals risk and ensures that cost of insurance cover is proportional to the risk faced by the concerned individual, Etc.

IFIM Colleges B.Com. Program with its choice of electives facilitates students to set up and build a career in the field of their interest!