Combat Unexpected Layoffs By Upgrading Skills Via Professional Courses For Working Professionals

With digitization and automation becoming the new trend, professionals are now finding it hard to keep their jobs.. Thousands are being asked to leave with no concrete notice  thus, pressurizing the entire work force. One of the reasons for the layoffs could be that executives do not have the right skills to fulfill the ever changing job requirements.


To combat that, IFIM’s PGDM for Working Professionals (PGDM – WP) has been continuously attracting professionals who seek to build their skills and thus, enhance their portfolio in various domains. The highlights of the PGDM-WP include extensive use of simulation, case studies and learning management systems for experiential learning. Further, interactions with professionals from other industries enable cross-fertilization of ideas and concepts.

Keeping in mind the ever-changing needs  of  the demanding market, IFIM has designed a curriculum that is best suited for working executives. The focus of the curriculum is on developing the core managerial competencies required in a modern business scenario such as decision making, problem solving, strategic thinking, a global perspective and leadership.

The recent layoffs have been a setback for the community of working professionals, specially in the IT sector. IFIM’s PGDM-WP program aims at encouraging continuous employability to learners and professionals to tackle such setbacks. The program offers verticals including Corporate Finance,  B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing along with high performing  HR practices. The curriculum at IFIM-WP is based on the contemporary perspective of ‘Total Enterprise Management’ by integrating the functional areas rather than the conventional ‘area specific’ approach.

The PGDM course, tagged ‘Learn While You Earn’, is held on alternate weekends where delivery is not restricted to a single location. The program is delivered by industry- experienced IFIM faculty who ensure that learners are provided with the most relevant approach that meet the needs of the business environment. The program helps its learners to acquire the knowledge and skills  that will enable them to not only cushion unexpected setbacks, like layoffs, but also grow within the industry and take advantage of new opportunities in new sectors.

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