IFIM And Falcon Skills Offers A One-Of-A-Kind Healthcare Management Program

IFIM Business school in collaboration with Falcon Skills two prominent players in their respective fields have launched a unique 2 years full-time PGDM program to address the huge skill gap in healthcare management.

The Course is among of the first of its kind which brings with it a well thought out delivery design that covers the balanced blend of most updated Academia with appropriate and elevated exposure to wide areas of Healthcare Industry.

The students will undergo the rigor of deep understanding of the concepts, its most current practical applications, exposure to leadership, soft and team building skills to meet any kind of challenges in the Industry.

Our key differentiators are:

a. Most updated course curriculum and content.


b. Discerning Faculty drawn from various streams of healthcare industry (senior working professionals)


c. State of the art facilities and student welfare activities offered from IFIM campus


d. Six months of internship in various settings like Hospital, Healthcare insurance, healthcare IT, Diagnostic services, Healthcare consulting firms, Medical device companies to name a few.


e. Training methodology: integrated fun based learning; workshops, internship, case studies, simulation and role plays. Also, significant emphasis is given for aspirants on self-learning, and research.


f. Outcomes oriented: aspirants will also develop high degree of analytical skills, conceptual skills, problem-solving and decision making skills and high quality technical knowledge base to effectively set-up/ run healthcare service.


Dr Rakesh Verma, MBBS, PGDM (UK)