Compelling Reasons to Consider PGDM WP

Companies, these days, expect their employees to update their skills on a regular basis in order to stay abreast with the advances in the industry. With the threat from automation looming large over the workforce, employees, too, have understood the need to learn new skills, which will help them stay relevant, become valuable assets of the organization, and grow within the organization.

IFIM offers multiple courses under their Executive Education banner. These courses are so designed so as to allow for working professionals to acquire new skill sets through learning sessions without disrupting the routine and responsibilities of their working life. While a number of other institutions offer Executive courses, IFIM’s PGDM course has a few unique features that warrant special mention.




Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider IFIM as the place to pursue your PGDM.




Focus on Total Enterprise Management – As the name suggests, this program focuses on all the functional areas that a working executive should be aware of, rather than concentrating on only one area. The curriculum is designed to allow learners to expand their knowledge of how an enterprise works as a sum of its parts and perform much better in the marketplace.
Experiential Learning – The faculty at IFIM have immense knowledge of the industry and are also well versed in understanding how a particular concept or decision-making method can help the working professional in the workplace. Students have the opportunity to dip into the faculty’s combined knowledge bank of real-life applications of concepts for problem solving. This, in turn, helps enhance the efficiency of the learner.
The Curriculum – The concepts which are taught during thecourse are all in accordance to current business trends. Electives, chosen during the course of the programme, in domains such as Finance, HR, Marketing, Digital Business and Operations, also help the individual to choose a specialisation in line with their career goals.
Learning at One’s Convenience – With the course targeted towards working professionals, classes are scheduled in a way that does not affect their professional life. In fact, it only helps learners in real-time application of concepts learnt during the course. In addition, the study material is made available online, with multiple delivery centres set up across Bangalore at strategic locations.