Gender Parity Initiative : compendium


Scaling With Parity

Providing equal opportunities for women allows them use their talents in the workforce and make better choices for themselves which in turn positively impact their families and communities. Healthy development and engaging the women talent pool has a vast bearing on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of economies. It is a well-accepted fact that in a full-potential scenario women play an identical role in the economy to that of men and can add to the economic growth of the country. Women tend to excel in academics. But this excellence has to be also brought to the workplace.

Bringing women to the mainstream of economic activity has been my passion. I have been fortunate to be associated with CII Indian Women Network (IWN) which has a similar focus and goals. IWN has, since its launch in 2013, been engaging with career women and entrepreneurs in encouraging them in the economic activities. Needless to mention that the participation of women in the economic activities comes with its own set of challenges – be it at the personal front or at work. Secondly, women tend to face a lot more challenges than their counterparts. Traditionally, women have been engaging in certain roles in industry. However, with the emerging trends, it is apparent that women need to shed their inhibitions and embark on opportunities which can open up a whole new world of prospects for continuous engagement and growth.

Against this backdrop, this initiative on Gender Parity was carefully thought through and launched by IWN, to recognize unique practices by industries and academia. As part of this initiative, specific focus has been given to the manufacturing sector as the representation of women is very minimal in this sector. Also the educational institutions play a major role in the development of women students and preparing them for the workplace. Hence the best practices in this sector are also being recognized.

We also envisioned creating a movement by industry on Parity. The book Scaling with Parity will serve as a reference on good practices on parity by industries. I would also like to acknowledge the immense contribution of Madhu Vasanthy and Hema James from IWN Southern Region for this project. On behalf of IWN and on my personal behalf, I would like to thank all the stakeholders who have supported this initiative. I look forward to many more industries taking such progressive initiatives to engage more women thereby benefiting industry and society.

Anu Sriram


IWN Southern Region

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