Ayurveda To Healthcare Management – Build A Promising Career

Historically, there was only one option available for freshly qualified Ayurveda doctors (and that was to start one’s own practice). However, today there are many promising opportunities available for Ayurveda graduates. The areas which are available for Ayurveda graduates to build a career successfully can be broadly classified into the following five categories:

  • Management and administration
  • Clinical practice
  • Academic
  • Research
  • Drug manufacturing



While selecting a career, you should try to match your own interest, basic qualities as well as specific qualities, which a specific field may demand (e.g., a student planning to pursue a career in management must have good communication skill), and the resources available to him/her with the requirement of the career option.

For students who are not interested in clinical practice but want to have a career related to the medical field, there are ample choices like undertaking a PG in Healthcare Management because it is in great demand with very diverse job opportunities and therefore very satisfying career chances.

Here are some reasons to consider the Healthcare Management program at IFIM:-

a. Most updated course curriculum and content


b. Discerning Faculty drawn from various streams of healthcare industry (senior working professionals)


c. State of the art facilities and student welfare activities offered from IFIM campus



d. Six months of internship in various settings like Hospital, Healthcare insurance, Healthcare IT, Diagnostic services, Healthcare consulting firms, Medical device companies to name a few


e. Training methodology: integrated fun based learning; workshops, internship, case studies, simulation and role plays. Also, significant emphasis is given for aspirants on self-learning, and research


f. Outcomes oriented: aspirants will also develop high degree of analytical skills, conceptual skills, problem-solving and decision making skills and high quality technical knowledge base to effectively set-up/ run healthcare service


The PGDM Healthcare Management program from IFIM helps in gaining all the crucial skills required for building a rewarding career in the Healthcare sector.  To know More about the program click >>> HERE<<<