4 Reasons Why It’s Ideal To Have Work Experience Before Pursuing A PGDM Degree

The importance of having adequate work experience in today’s post-graduate academic scenario is enormous. Whether you are applying for a job or to pursue a PGDM course, the more the relevant experience, the better a candidate’s chances are. Well- rounded candidates are sought after by companies and it’s the work experience that shapes their thinking in the classroom. Here are 4 reasons why it’s important to have worked in the industry you wish to build your future in.




Learning from experience

A PGDM course expects students to be on top of their A-game from the get-go. Pertinent work experience enables them to think practically about their course syllabus and apply it to their industry/trade. It alters their thinking process thereby preparing them for the challenges they might face in their next job.



Companies are looking for quality over quantity

It’s important to understand that just accruing years of worthless work experience does not cut it. Recruiters and companies are looking for quality over quantity. The profile and position of work were it at an established venture, the duration- all play an important role in future job placements. Companies are increasingly on the lookout for candidates who are well-rounded in their practical and academic knowledge.



Candidates can make informed career choices

If you wish to pursue a career in fashion merchandising, having work experience with manufacturers and retailers is ideal to gain basic knowledge. This gives a purpose to the academic structure in the PGDM course and candidates can make informed career choices. Companies want to see the highest level of passion in their prospective candidates which is only possible through the right work experience.



Learn from each other’s experiences

Students enrolled in a PGDM course can learn plenty about the nuances and innards of different industries through each other’s work experience. A trove of information is available at your disposal which can be used to find new crossover career opportunities and understand multiple industries and businesses.



As job markets become even more competitive, this is exactly the kind of information a candidate needs to possess if he/she needs to make a career change.


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